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From time to time I am sent products to review and as of May 1st 2013 all of these products are marked with an asterix (*). As of July 2014 in order to be completely straight forward about these products I have also started to include a text disclaimer below all posts to clearly state whether a product has been sent to me or not. I know a lot of people don't read the disclaimer tab and aren't aware of the asterix (*) as code for 'Pr sample' so this is the easiest way.

All reviews are 100% honest. I would never say something about a product that I didn't agree with. If I hate it - you'll know. If I love it - you'll know. I'm all about the honesty here at 'Jesska Denise'.

Every so often I may post a 'sponsored post'. This is a post where I have received a small fee or item to post it on my blog. I will try my best to make it very clear to you the reader that it is a sponsored post. I will not include a sponsored post unless I feel it ties in with what my blog is and what you the reader would like to see.

I'm the first to admit I'm not a great writer. There may be the odd grammatical error here and there but this is my blog and an expression of myself. An online journal. I want it to be as care free as possible. I do proof read but sometimes you just miss things.

I'm not a beauty expert and everything is my own opinion. If you're looking for in depth beauty reviews this probably isn't the best place. I like my reviews to be straight to the point. Almost like you're talking amongst your friends. Chilled out. The stuff you want to know.

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