Jesska Denise is an Irish beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog


'JesskaDenise' is an Irish beauty blog, Irish fashion blog and an Irish lifestyle blog.

Hello everyone I'm Jess. Well, Jessica but nobody actually calls me 'Jessica' except for like my mum if I'm in trouble or something. This is my blog. An irish beauty blog.
I oh so cleverly named my blog 'Jesska Denise' after myself. It used to be 'LashingsofMascara' but that just wasn't me so here we are.
'Jesska' coming from my first name and 'Denise' being my middle name. The 'k' was added because I wanted to have the same user name across all sites. It makes it so much easier for you guys to find and creep on me. You know .....  to see if you want to follow me on twitter and instagram and the like (hint, hint).

I'm from the midlands of little old Ireland.

I'm 23 years old and I just recently graduated, having studied Social Media Marketing for two years. I'm currently taking a year out from college (uni), but I will be returning in September to continue studying Digital Marketing. I work part time and blog in my spare time. I love blogging. Having your own little space to share your thoughts and have them read by other people with similar interests. It's just so damn cool.

If you wish to get in contact with me you can do so by email or any of my social networking sites (sidebar).
All content belongs to me unless otherwise stated and thank you for dropping by and having a read.

Don't be a creeper, leave a comment. x

My pictures are taken on my iPhone 6 or on my Canon ixus 132 digital camera.

As Seen.

  • Longford Leader October 2015 - online article here.
  • Blog awards Ireland - Best Beauty Finalist 2015 - list here.

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