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Dying My Hair Pink: The How To.

bleach london rose dye how to
As far as lockdown boredom goes, I actually haven't been that bored? So this leap into pink hair has nothing to do with boredom, and more an annoyance at my ever-growing brassy/orange blonde balayage. The last time my hair was done was just before Christmas, so I would usually be booking myself in again around now to get it back looking nice and freshly blonde. Naturally, that is not an option. Brow lamination, shellac, and a good trip to the hairdressers are not on the agenda anytime soon. I weep. Normally I'm opposed to the idea of dying my hair at home. I spent many years as a teen butchering my hair with home dye, blonde to be specific. So once I started investing in letting a professional do my hair, I essentially turned my nose up at the box aisle in Boots. Like my skin, I just saw it as an investment. But then, I was reading a magazine during the week and there was a section about temporary hair dyes and my interest peaked. Lilac hair? Now that is something I could get on board with. I read the article, promptly went on Boots, text my cousin who is an expert in funky colors and 11hours later I was rocking some pink hair. Boots had no lilac, but that's okay. I'm oddly obsessed with this pink. It's throwing me right back to being 13 and highlighting my hair pink and getting told off by a home ec teacher. The simplicity.
pink hair bleach london diy
I purchased two different semi-permanent/temporary dyes in Boots, the first one being a Schwarzkopf Live Pretty Pastels in Rose Gold, and a backup, the Bleach London Super Cool Color Rosé. I thought I would use the Bleach London to top up the color I was hoping to achieve using the Schwarzkopf, but I actually didn't get my hair to go pink using it because I did it wrong and used all the product. My Mum used a different shade doing it correctly and she got no color from it so I can't recommend or not recommend this as I used it wrong, but Mum used it right but either way, neither of us achieved a color. Disappointingly as Mum perfectly applied it to my hair using a brush and sectioning to cover all the blonde. When I saw there was no color I was pretty disappointed. I was buzzing for pink hair and I wanted it then and there. I pulled out my 'backup' and referred myself to Google to make sure I did this perfectly. Obviously, the instructions on the bottle weren't enough okay?
bleach london rose before and after
I discovered that you do not put this on your hair if you still need to wash your hair. Double shampoo and conditioner are going to rinse the color right out of your hair. It's temporary, not permanent. Rookie mistake. I took myself back upstairs. Wet my hair as it had just been freshly blow-dried. This is how determined I was to go pink guys. Toweled off the excess water and applied the product to my now clean, damp hair. Not my dirty - needs to be washed - along with this color hair. Argh. I just threw it on, to be honest. So my application could have been better, at that point, I just wanted it pink. It was 10pm and I was done with this experiment. I also didn't use gloves, so my hands were a delightful shade of pink. Although, good luck finding gloves to dye your hair with at this moment in time. I left the color on for 30mins and went about my business. ie. scrolling Instagram at pink hair inspo and praying to whatever god that this would actually work second time around.
rose gold hair at home
I then rinsed my hair. This is important. Do not WASH your hair. Get off the residue of the product but do not wash your hair. The pink running down the drain? Yeh, that's the color. If that all goes down the drain, you will not have pink hair. This was the mistake I had made earlier. I cleansed my hair, shampooed, and conditioned. All the while my color was running down the drain. I didn't make this mistake a second time. My main concern was the color transferring onto clothing etc, but I used a dark towel to wrap my hair and promptly got to work blow drying it. SUCCESS. Pink hair. Never been so satisfied with a DIY job in my life. I know some people probably know how to achieve this, maybe your seasoned experts at the art of dying your hair funky shades. But this was a wash in, wash out. It doesn't work like the permanent shades which are how I approached it, and after my extensive Googling, I discovered there wasn't really a wealth of information on how to successfully use these products from your average Jane so I figured I would put it on here to make sure none of you waste your time, and product like I did. I'm going to keep applying the pink for now. So the next time I wash my hair it will go like this - shampoo x 2, condition, towel off the heavy wetness and apply color and rinse lightly. Boom. Who knows, this might save me some €€€ in the long run when salons do reopen. I still want to go lilac, so that should be fun. Everyone else is just as obsessed with the pink as I am though so that could be a while away yet.

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