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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review
Oh mascara, the one make up product I honestly don't think I could go without. Especially this week // month even. Post Christmas exhaustion is seriously settling in, and my eyes are the gateway to telling how truly exhausted I am. It's like I wake up and my eyes are screaming 'not enough sleep', and the bags beneath my eyes are enormous and my eyes look teeney tiny and non existent. Closed off, hanging in, begging for that last bit of sleep. In fairness, I don't sleep well, but the world does not need to know that, and my eyes betraying me in that sense is getting a little old. I'm sure we've all been there, don't lie. Thats why mascara is so F A B, it opens up your eyes, it gives you a little lease of life. It's the one item I always think, 'well if I had to go without make up' (which I do), I don't think I could skim on the mascara (which I don't).
Too Faced mascara irish blog
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara before and after
I spend a ridiculous amount of money on mascara, always drugstore, and only ever 'Benefit' if I'm thinking of splashing out, and even then it's only a mini. I love the majority of mascaras, plastic bristles, normal bristles, curved, straight, voluminous. There's a lot, sometimes it can be a little hard finding the right one. Sometimes I apply two different mascaras, one to separate out my lashes and make them a little more ~combed out, and another for the full effect - eyes wide open. I'm awake, I swear. There's something about the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara that ticks all those boxes. I can see why so many bloggers have raved about this over the years. I was always a little dubious. Could it really be that good? That's why I bought a mini in Sephora, I wanted to try it, but I didn't really take their word for it, and I'm pretty disappointed that I bought a mini because, the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is now my everyday go to and I've run out of the freaking thing and I'm now lost in a limbo of 'I need to repurchase, but I need to fill my basket to make shipping worthwhile'. It's such a great mascara, I love the wand, and the shape of the brush, it tapers in at the middle and grabs all the stubborn inner corner lashes with little effort. One sweep of this across my lashes and it's like a whole new ball game. They're more defined, blacker than black, lifted and not clumpy. The actual mascara is just right, it's neither too liquidy or too dry, there's a perfect balance, and it dries quickly on your lash which means there's none of that awkward upper eye lid mascara transfer. I hate when that happens because you end up ruining your whole look nearly, it's like when eyeliner goes wrong, disastrous. What I like even more about the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is you can apply quite a few coats and your eyelashes don't go crispy and heavy like some mascaras. Which means it's the perfect mascara for a night out look, I suck at applying false lashes and would much rather apply multiple layers of mascara to get that 'falsie' effect, and it does that. So well, that someone actually thought I was wearing falsies, thanks Too Faced.
Overall, the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara has surpassed all my expectations. It's definitely worth the hefty price tag, and if your eyes could use that extra lift to make you look more awake, than this is the answer to your prayers. It's such a great mascara, and I'm raging I've run out. If anyone has used this and knows where I can repurchase in Ireland with serious ease, than please tell me, cause I need it back in my life.


Unknown said...

I have this mascara and love it so much! Definitely lived up to the height. And at €21 its not too crazy bad 😂

Sinead |Dreaming Again

Fatima said...

Love this mascara its one the best yet!

Dreaming in Sequins said...

I've heard so much about it. Have been using Code primer and mascara before I got extensions- might need this when the extensions are out xx siobhan

Anonymous said...

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Irfan Qadir Banker said...

Really great product! Perfect to give as a present this Holidays!

Unknown said...

Hi, how long did the too faced bts mini last? Im thinking of buying it but i want the demo just in case it doesnt work for me

Jess said...

Hey, it lasted quite a while, i'd definitely recommend. I bought the mini because I didn't want to commit and it was well worth it.x

james anderson said...

Love this mascara and as you compare it's clearly showing the difference.

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