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I'm Back.....

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Okay, wow. Guys. If you're still here. I'm sorry. It's been a while. Three months nearly. Although, I know some of you are still here, because I've been looking at my page views and someone's been waiting for a blog post. Whoever you are. Thank you.
I sort of somewhat, rather crazily dropped my little corner of the internet. The last time I posted on here was September, and we're now fastly approaching 2017, so it's been some time. It wasn't intentional to begin with. I had a lot (or so it seemed at the time) going on in September/October, and my blog got put to the side. As time went by and the gap between when I lost blogged or even turned on my laptop got even bigger, my inspiration and any motivation I had, honestly, died. I'm a creative person and though I may not be the best writer, or blogger or photographer there's ever been, I do like to put my all into my blog and I just couldn't find that spark of creativity or inspiration. It disappeared. Completely. And it's hard to come up with content and new ideas when you're lacking inspiration and motivation to do so. But I've found it again, somehow, and I'm so excited to get blogging and reading everyone elses blogs and just creating content again that I love and really want to share with you guys here on my little corner of the web. I think with blogging, I'm constantly comparing my blog to everyone else - pictures aren't good enough, my grammar/writing is awful, my blog design is terrible etc etc. But that is just my inner critique getting very loud, and I'm going to try and stop comparing myself to everyone else and just try and get back to what I love, after all, this is a blog. It's me.  It's not polished and perfected. It's personal, and that's just the way I want it.
(Also, I've been reading 'Hygge The Danish Art of Happiness' and I highly recommend you give it a read if you haven't done so, it really makes you think about the simpler things.)


Fatima said...

Welcome back ! Glad to see u posting again

s said...

So happy you're posting again! Missed your blog :) xo