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Summer #OOTN

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Summer's drawn to a close and I would like to see it was an eventful, jam-packed Summer but it wasn't. With the exception of doing the Womens mini marathon at the beginning of June, my Summer was pretty chill. I think I ventured away from town a handful of times, one time being to do a repeat exam (third time is probably not the charm), so that pretty much tells you all. I basically spent the whole Summer in work, with the exception of a night or two out on the town (see above #OOTN) or trying to figure out how to spend this coming September.
Just a quick word on the #OOTN - playsuit is River Island, my Mum picked it up for me in a charity shop a few years ago and it's been lying, waiting in my wardrobe ever since. It's such a fun pattern, very playful and bright. The shoes, are Penneys/Primark via my friend Celine. They're basically stilts, but ugh I love them, they're a classic really. My tan is 'Selfie Tan', nails are gel nails from 'The Nail Bar' here in Longford, and my hair was done by Aine & Renatta in The Loft hair salon, just outside of Longford Town. Every time I see a picture of my hair post salon, it reminds me how much I need to get it toned and brightened, it's a yellow mess right now.
If you've managed to read all this waffle, five points to you.


Fatima said...

How exciting I wish u all the best! Great outfit super cute

Unknown said...

You look amazing JD xx (as always)