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Lets Catch Up?

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Hi, it's me. Ireland's flakiest blogger. I kind of took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. It wasn't fully intentional, but I've been crazy busy in work, had an exam to study for, and then I was struck down with a kidney infection and didn't know I actually had a kidney infection until I was sat in A&E and they were like 'yo'. TWO DAYS before my freaking exam. Oh the stress. My luck with this exam is zero. I've failed it twice, and deferred it once aaaand I'm pretty sure I've failed it for a third time, but I'm trying to not get too caught up with it. Other than all that I've been making the most of what's left of the Summer. I've booked my drivers test. I've bought some studio lights (YouTube). Went on a night out. Did some shopping, finished Stranger Things like everyone else in the world and spent a hell of a lot of time in Costa. Ofcourse. It's an ongoing joke about how much time my circle of friends and I spend in Costa. We like coffee, they have wifi and a bangin playlist on Spotify. Which was playing Christmas songs just the other day, which made me disgustingly happy.
Majorly unexpected fun things over the last few weeks were (1) included me on their "Top 31 Irish Beauty Instagrammers You Need To Follow" list. INSANE. There's so many amazing bloggers on there, I'm delighted to be included in such a list with so many people I admire so it was such a nice surprise. You can follow me on Instagram at "JesskaDenise".
and (2), I've been shortlisted for an Irish Blog Award in the "Best Beauty" category. I honestly never expect to be nominated // shortlisted for this award so I am always genuinely surprised when they come around every year and I'm on the list. I never think of people actually ~liking my blog. Like I have my faves (Dreaming In Sequins // // Pure Irish Sugar // Dreaming Again to name a few, all Irish gals ofcourse) , but I never think of anyone ever thinking of my blog enough if you get what I mean. I think of "JesskaDenise" as my space on the internet. At the end of the day, I'm not a professional. I don't know everything. But I love blogging and writing so I just do. If you guys would like to vote for me you can do so here and thanks so much for sticking with me. Whether you're new to the blog or a long time reader, thank you. I really appreciate it.
I have so many posts ready to fire out. Some skin care, product reviews, recipes. I'm excited to bring my little space back to life.


Fatima said...

Congrats on your nomination! Hope u win ..... Feel better and good luck on your driver's test

Unknown said...

Aha I think I am your competition for Ireland's flakiest blogger :P Congrats on your noms, I'm heading over right away to vote for you! I'm so flattered my blog is one of your favourites, I'm like you and find it hard to believe anyone cares about my blog, but I love yours too!

Sinead xo