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Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

cocoa brown tough stuff
tough stuff tan remover
tough stuff before
For the sake of this blog review, I let my tan go as ratchet as possible. Well more ratchet than usual that is. I'm terrible. I was determined to give Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff a good before and after / demonstration on this blog just to show how good it actually is.
I swear by it when it comes to removing my tan, and I'm constantly recommending it to my friends. They know how bad I am at applying fake tan to begin with, so seeing something that erases the mess I've made can only speak for itself really. But I'm going to sing it's praises cause I lurve it, and I want you guys to lurve it too cause Marissa Carter has truly out done herself with this 'stuff'.
I've been using Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff religiously since it launched. I use it pre-tanning to prep my skin to make sure I've removed all dead skin, and I use it again to yano remove the tan.
cocoa brown demo blog
cocoa brown blog review
I'm low maintenance with fake tan. I want something that applies easily, and I want it to come off just as easily. I'm lazy, and I know you reading this review are lazy too. There is nothing more tedious than having to scrub your entire body clear of fake tan. When you think you have it all removed and you're back to being squeaky clean pale again, you see a tiny little patch on your elbow, and another patch above that and before you know it, you're a cheetah with orange spots.
Tough stuff however, takes off fake tan with minimal effort. And that's any tan, it doesn't just work it's wonders on Cocoa Browns own tans, now that would be cheating, although the two do make an almighty pair sitting there all pink on your bathroom cabinet. Girly vibez.
tough stuff before and after blog
Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff is brilliant in that unlike other exfoliators I've used, it's colored. Removing your tan becomes so much easier because you don't have to remember where exactly you've applied the product, it bursts out in this gorgeous shade of pink which leaves an easy trail of remembrance across your skin. It smells like absolute bliss too and I adore it.
My technique with Tough stuff is to apply it to dry skin (I find this way I'm not losing the majority of the product than the drain and it gives a tougher scrub) and to start scrubbing in an upward motion to remove the tan. Where other scrubs take ages to actually remove the tan, Tough Stuff removes it a lot quicker. It's like it's melting the tan away. I like that I don't have to scrub too hard either because I hate pulling unnecessarily at my skin. When you begin to rub the product into your skin it turns into a white lather and the beads begin to work their magic. Like I mentioned above it leaves a nice little trail behind so you can remember where you've already scrubbed, or rather forgot to scrub.
I always find my elbows and knees to be quite stubborn when it comes to tan hanging on for dear life so I pay a little extra attention to those areas. I find the tan is more likely to cling to these areas if I haven't been great with premoisturising so that's also something to keep in mind when you're tanning.
When I've finished scrubbing Tough Stuff all over, I hop into the shower and rinse it all away, again with minimal effort. It pretty much dissolves upon contact with water (another reason I prefer to apply dry skin) which makes the removal process that little bit less tedious.
I pop out of the shower, moisturise, and I'm back to my usual aul Irish self - porcelain. I think the pictures speak for themselves really.
For me Tough Stuff takes out the whole 'ughhhhh I've to scrub off my tan #prayforJess' moment of drama. I simply just love using the product. Even when I'm not removing tan, I use it as a normal body exfoliator. It works like a charm, and I love that it's pink. Other bonuses are because Cocoa Brown use great ingredients in their products, it doesn't irritate my skin and cause break outs / reactions with psoriasis. I've repurchased it numerous times, usually in Cara Pharmacy because they have the best deals, and I sing it's praises to all my friends. If you still have some Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip lying around, it's the perfect post Tough Stuff moisturiser because it intensifies and builds on the scent. If you don't want to shell out on a full size tube, you can buy handy little sachets which is great because if you're heading on a girls weekend or something you want to keep that space for shoes and stuff.
Have any of you tried this?? What are your thoughts? Comment below.


Birchbox Ireland July 2016

birchbox ireland july 2016 millie mackintosh
birchbox ireland blog review
I am behind on all my blog posts and I know it makes literally no sense to be blogging about the July Birchbox* (sent to me) near the end of August when I have the August Birchbox (Birchbag?) chilling here next to me but ahh, I was so excited for this box. It was the box Millie Mackintosh (Made in Chelsea anyone?) partnered up with them for, and ever since I saw it on Instagram, I knew I needed it. Millie even designed her own exclusive lip shades for LOC purely for July's box. Everything down to the design of the box was completely adorable and screamed Summer. The products, to me anyway, were all perfect for that mini heatwave we were having a few weeks back. You know the one where it was super hot but it was raining at the same time and you didn't know if you should just pack it all in and buy an umbrella and throw on some sunglasses? Yeh, that one. Crazy weather aside, lets get on to crazy hair and the absolute lifesaver that is the John Frieda Anti Frizz Primer. A product I had never heard of until it arrived in my Birchbox last month, but definitely a welcome addition to my hair care regime.
Long time readers will know that my hair gets a lil out of control when it's humid and I've found that using the John Frieda Anti Frizz Primer has been making quite the difference when it comes to my hair. I want to do a full review on this product so I'm not giving you guys any more thoughts on this (evil I know), but it was my favourite product from the July Birchbox and just reinforces my thoughts on how monthly beauty boxes are great for introducing you to new products.
The Millie lipstick from LOC was also a fave because it was such a pretty pink shade. I didn't expect much because it was a lip 'crayon' and they can be a little hit and miss, but I was pleasently surprised and being a massive Millie fan, I'm happy to have something designed by the kween herself.
As for the other products, I couldn't get full use of them. I have gel nails so the nail polish was a no, but held out quite well on my toe nails. The skin care would have interfered with the skin care 'five step' system I'm using right now so I couldn't give them a fair trial.
For the John Frieda & the lip crayon, the overall cost of the box was outweighed and I was pretty chuffed with what I received, and from what I saw online, so were most subbbies.
What do you guys think? Monthly beauty boxes, yay or nay?
(Birchbox is being sent to me to consider for review, this has not impacted my opinion in the slightest.)


Lets Catch Up?

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Hi, it's me. Ireland's flakiest blogger. I kind of took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. It wasn't fully intentional, but I've been crazy busy in work, had an exam to study for, and then I was struck down with a kidney infection and didn't know I actually had a kidney infection until I was sat in A&E and they were like 'yo'. TWO DAYS before my freaking exam. Oh the stress. My luck with this exam is zero. I've failed it twice, and deferred it once aaaand I'm pretty sure I've failed it for a third time, but I'm trying to not get too caught up with it. Other than all that I've been making the most of what's left of the Summer. I've booked my drivers test. I've bought some studio lights (YouTube). Went on a night out. Did some shopping, finished Stranger Things like everyone else in the world and spent a hell of a lot of time in Costa. Ofcourse. It's an ongoing joke about how much time my circle of friends and I spend in Costa. We like coffee, they have wifi and a bangin playlist on Spotify. Which was playing Christmas songs just the other day, which made me disgustingly happy.
Majorly unexpected fun things over the last few weeks were (1) included me on their "Top 31 Irish Beauty Instagrammers You Need To Follow" list. INSANE. There's so many amazing bloggers on there, I'm delighted to be included in such a list with so many people I admire so it was such a nice surprise. You can follow me on Instagram at "JesskaDenise".
and (2), I've been shortlisted for an Irish Blog Award in the "Best Beauty" category. I honestly never expect to be nominated // shortlisted for this award so I am always genuinely surprised when they come around every year and I'm on the list. I never think of people actually ~liking my blog. Like I have my faves (Dreaming In Sequins // // Pure Irish Sugar // Dreaming Again to name a few, all Irish gals ofcourse) , but I never think of anyone ever thinking of my blog enough if you get what I mean. I think of "JesskaDenise" as my space on the internet. At the end of the day, I'm not a professional. I don't know everything. But I love blogging and writing so I just do. If you guys would like to vote for me you can do so here and thanks so much for sticking with me. Whether you're new to the blog or a long time reader, thank you. I really appreciate it.
I have so many posts ready to fire out. Some skin care, product reviews, recipes. I'm excited to bring my little space back to life.