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Sports Direct Haul

sports direct haul
During the week I treated myself to some workout clothes from Sports World in town. At the moment it has a massive sale on because it's slowly being overtaken by Sports Direct and not being one to pass up a sale I went in and spend a little more than I initially intended. I only went in for runners, but left with a whole color co-ordinated outfit. This whole haul was 85€ and the runners alone would have cost that to begin with. They were in the sale for 37€. I picked up a sports bra, and some nike 3/4 length leggings too. I'm actually really loving the Nike leggings. I've never tried their 'fit' range clothing before but I''m definitely going to head back into Sports World during the week to pick up a few more things. There's a lot of items with 70% off. They don't offer student discount anymore though which is a shame, I'm all about that discount ahah.
At the moment I'm solely a yoga and running girl. I walk 5k in the morning and aim for a 5k run in the evening. I do various yoga videos from yoga with adriene on YouTube to work my core and help me relax when I'm feeling anxious. A lot of people are quick to knock down yoga as a helpful tool for dealing with anxiety, but I find it incredibly helpful. When I'm anxious, I feel like I'm going to stop breathing and I get extremely fidgety and quiet. Yoga helps me work on breathing techniques and because I'm working on yoga poses, it stops me from fidgeting, something I'm really self conscious of. At the moment I'm thinking of joining one of the local gyms, but I want a gym that has a personal trainer so someone can keep me in check and I can make the most of my time in the gym. If anyone has experience with a personal trainer, do comment below because I'm at a bit of a loss with that one.