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HOLY RIDICULOUS CLOSE UP OF MY FACE. That's a little startling. It's also making me realise how badly I need to get my hair toned. It's looking a little brassy since I think this photo. Hair aside, I thought I'd share my current everyday makeup routine. At the moment I'm that little bit more on the tan side so I've been taking full advantage of being able to use my Benefit 'Hello Flawless' foundation. This foundation was recommended to me by the girl on the Benefit counter as it's very light on the skin, and is water based so provides hydration to my skin rather than filling it with oil and clogging my pores. Considering I have acne prone skin, this is exactly what I need and it's such a pity Benefit don't have this in a lighter shade, because I'm currently using the lightest and it's still only wearable when I have a tan. I was matched to this when I returned from a sun holiday so it wasn't a problem at the time, but you pale girls know where I'm coming from.
My go to mascara is the No7 Midnight Lash mascara which I've blogged about before here. It's such a lovely everyday mascara, it's not too over the top and if you're trying to keep your look that little bit more ~simple, then this is ideal.
Bronzer and blush wise, I use the Benefit Hoola bronzer and 'Pink Swoon' from MAC blush, which I blogged about here. Neither of which you can really make out in the pic mind you, but yano.....I'm actually low key obsessed with Hoola, this is my second purchase and I'm already hitting pan. I like that it adds a lovely glow and a natural looking contour depending on how intensely you apply. It's also extra nice when you're rocking a tan because it makes your skin look a little more glowy than normal and paired with the 'Pink Swoon' they both add a gorgeous pop of color.
To tie the look together I usually go for something a little more wow on the lips. I tend to keep everything a little safer because I suck at eyeshadow and lips are that teensy bit simpler for adding a bit of everyday drama. I find myself reaching for one of the many beautiful shades from the Bourjois 'Rogue Edition' range. This one is 'Hot Pepper' and it's a gorgeous red shade with a slightly more orange undertone than most reds I used which tend to veer more to the pinky side. The 'Rogue Edition' formula is definitely up there as one of my favorite lip formulas on the high street. It applies easily, last's decently well throughout the day and comes in a wide range of shades. It doesn't fare well when it comes to reapplication, it feels quite gloopy on the lips and it's just not a nice sensation. However I really like how pigmented these are, they apply like a gloss, but have the finish of a lipstick. I have quite a few of them in my make up collection and I highly recommend them if you haven't tried them yet.
My eyebrows are HD brows and here I only have them filled in slighlty with a Rimmel eyebrow pencil, which I managed to forget to include in pictures but it's a holy grail item for me tbh. I lurve it. I might do a post on it actually, it's definitely something you need if you're eyebrow obsessed like moi.
My everyday make up is quite simple, I'm a creature of habit and the riskiest I get is lip color. Boring really, but I'm sure some of you are the same?? Right??


TimeWithYana said...

I own two lippies from Bourjois Rouge Edition range and safe to say they are probably one of my most favourite lip products! I especially love that their formula and longetivity X

Fatima said...

Great post! I yet have to try the Hoola bronzer from Benfit