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Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette

maybelline blushed nude palette
maybelline pink eyeshadow palette
naked 3 drugstore dupe
Every once in a while I see a drugstore product that I absolutely have to get my mitts on. This time around it was the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette. I swear, I have been on the hunt for this palette for what seems like the longest time. My local Boots was always sold out of it, and any other Boots I went to never seemed to have it stocked either. It was only one day in May when I wasn't even browsing Boots with it in mind that I finally found it. My obsession with this palette began because I had heard it was a brilliant, cheaper version of the Naked 3 palette which I honestly could not justify spending nearly €50 on when I suck at eye shadow application and use only a few shades from the first palette. The Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette was in around €13 and with 12 different shades to chose from, that seemed a lot more reasonable to me.
I tend to play it pretty safe with eyeshadow, I don't go too dark and I sway more towards nude brown tones and pinkish hues for daytime wear. This palette combines the best of both. There's the lighter shades on the top row for creating a lovely natural daytime look, and the darker plum shades to help you create a beautiful romantic smokey eye. There's also a really nice mix of matte as well as shimmery shades which is great because it makes the palette that bit more versatile.
The actual quality of the shadows themselves is a little disappointing. The lighter shades are incredibly sheer and you need about two or three layers of shadow before you begin to get any sort of color payoff. The darker shades don't present this problem though but if you're like me and stick to the lighter shades, it can get a little tedious, especially as the shadows are quite chalky and there can be quite a bit of fall out. I do find the shadows easy to blend, and find they last quite a few hours without primer before creasing.
Overall, as far as drugstore palettes go, I really like this. There isn't one shade I don't like, and there's so many different looks you can create from the 12 shades. I find myself reaching for this more than my Naked palette despite the effort it takes to build up some color on my eye. For the price it's pretty decent, definitely not the same quality you'd get from Naked 3 itself but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative with similiar rose gold hues, then I highly recommend giving this a go.
Have any of you tried this? What were your thoughts?


Shameta said...

I have The Nudes, the other version of this palette. You're right, while the pigmentation on some colours arent amazing I still really love using it. Such a great palette for the price!

The Scent of Fashion said...

Love your blog and I am a the follower #576 on GFC :)
Maybe we can follow each other?
Let me know!

Eleanor Graceful said...

This is beautiful! Definitely need to get my hands on this! xxx

Fatima said...

Haven't tried it yet but it sure does look beautfuil and the clocrs look very pretty