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Alpro #GoOn Event London

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Last week I was invited along to London to the launch of the brand new Alpro 'Go On' yogurt, which is a high protein plant based alternative to yogurt. If you're a long time reader of my blog or follow me on social media, you will know that I follow a dairy free, vegetarian diet. Alpro products are a firm staple in my daily diet. I use their almond milk every day, and I was so excited to see the new 'Go On' yogurt as it's a lot thicker than their other yogurts. It reminds me of the thick greek yogurt that I used to love before I adapted a more 'plant' based diet. It's available in three different flavours, Mango, Passion Fruit and Blackcurrant and I absolutely LOVE the blackcurrant flavour. I wasn't sure if I would love it, I thought they might be too sweet and the yogurt might be a little more miss than hit, but honestly, they're so so good. I've even turned my dairy loving friends onto them.
They're great for if you're on the go, or you're looking for a quick snack. I like to scoop mine into a bowl and layer it with some fruit such as apple and banana for lunch or dessert. It's nice for shaking things up a little and they're a great source of calcium and vitamin b12. I highly recommend you give them a go. I've become obsessed with them and it didn't help that my local tesco had them on offer for 0.79c all last week, I did some major stocking up as they're usually around €1.59. 
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The event itself was held in Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in London and to celebrate the launch of the 'Go On' yogurt, Alpro teamed up with the ever so cool athleisure designer Charli Cohen to screen her latest collection, as well as having The Braid Bar team from Selfridges on site to braid everyones hair. I'm a sucker for braids and instantly went for the 'Eva', it's so cool and I really wish I could recreate it myself at home. The girl who did my hair, Rose, is so talented, I envy her braiding ability. There needs to be a braid bar here in Ireland, it's such a unique idea, I'd happily pay someone to do these braids in my hair.
The event was so much fun, it was lovely to mingle with some London bloggers as well other Irish bloggers that I had never met before, Louise Cooney, Lauren Arthurs, Orla of Gym Bunny and Rosemary MacCabe, and to chat to the lovely ladies who invited me over to the event.
I was afraid my anxiety would take over and ruin the whole trip for me, especially as I didn't know anyone. But I tried my best to push through it and chat to as many people as I could and I'm so glad I did because it was so much fun and I would have been so upset at myself if I had let it overcome me.
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When I was in London I stayed in the gorgeous St Martins Lane hotel. This was my second time to ever stay in a hotel and honestly, the next hotel I stay in is going to have some serious living up to do because the St Martins was so funky and chic. The carpet was leopard print, and the room was kitted out with the perfect selfie mirror, which I took full advantage of on snapchat (JesskaDenise). The bed was so hard to get out of the next morning, I didn't want to leave. The hotel was the perfect location too. Everything from Oxford Street to Trafalgar Square was a short walk away.
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As I was traveling solo and in London for such a short time, I wasn't sure what to do with my time. I message an online friend to tell her I would be in London as we had talked about meeting before and the absolute cutie that she is, came the whole way down on the coach to hang out with me. It was the best end to the day. I can't believe we finally met, we've been friends since Bebo was an actual thing and I think we've talked online every day for the last year and a half. I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her support over these last few months. She's one of the bravest, sweetest, most beautiful inside and out people I know and I couldn't be happier that we got to hang out. Even if it was for only a few hours. She's my little LUSH encyclopedia and we finally got to go to LUSH Oxford St together, what dreams are made of tbh. We even challenged ourselves to go along to the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden and if you haven't been, you definitely need to drag yourself along. It's such a cool idea, and they even do Alpro almond milk. Winners in my book.
I had such a fun time in London, I can't wait to go back and just explore more. I feel so at home and calm there, it's definitely the city for me. Such a good vibe there.
Have any of you guys tried the new yogurts? Tell me your favorite flavaaa in the comments.
(Massive thanks to Alpro & Food Pr, for flying me over for the event.xx)

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