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Another LUSH Haul

lush henry street haul
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Yesterday I was in Dublin and naturally, I used it as an opportunity to pop into LUSH on Henry St. and spend all my money. I literally didn't go anywhere else, it was straight into LUSH for a little mooch. I went to LUSH with an absolutely massive wishlist given to me by my lovely friend Rebecca. She is the ultimate LUSH know it all, she's forever giving me little tips and tricks for how to make the most out of my bath bombs and bubble bars and she knows all the good things. However, I somehow managed to walk out of the store with nothing on the list she gave me. In my defense, they didn't have 'Custard' which was the number one item on my list (she raved so much I needed it) so I kind of panicked and let the guy in the store help me pick out some products that would help the current state of my skin, and the state of my hair. He also gave me a little sample of some cleanser that I could try that's supposed to be good for redness, and although I have yet to use it, it smells really nice. I didn't know LUSH gave out samples so that's nice to know for again, because my skin can react differently to different products and I'd hate to spend all my €€€€€ on something I couldn't use.  I've never tried any of LUSH's skincare except for the face masks and I've never tried any of the hair products. I'm a creature of habit and tend to stick with the same products, but I'm trying to break out of that habit because LUSH have some incredible products and I'm really missing out. Next on my list is some of the shampoo bars and exfoliaters. I love going into LUSH on Henry St. they're always so helpful and really friendly and these days I find I enjoy going into the shop more than I enjoy having a whole load of LUSH arrive at my door. There is nothing better than a sneaky bit of LUSH though, I'd happily spend all my wages there but I'd have no where to store it all haha.


Charlotte Dickson said...

Looks like you picked up some great products Jess! I'm such a fan of Lush and could quite happily spend all my money in there. The Tea Tree Water is by far my favourite product and I've been trying out some high end toners recently but nothing clears up my skin like the stuff. I've actually never heard of Custard before, will have to check it out when I'm next in store :) x
Charlotte's Road

Fatima said...

Great haul everything looks great! Can u maybe do a update post on them and just give us your thoughts on them and if they were wroth the money ??

Lucy said...

I love the Tea Tree Water so much - I'm sure you'll love it, you picked up some real goodies!

Lucy | Forever September