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The List // March

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I honestly have no idea where the month of March went. The last few weeks I feel like I've done nothing other than go to work or go to Costa with friends, anything else in between is a blur with a slight hint of Kevin Spacey. March was practically one long massive month off school for my younger brother, I feel like he's had more time off this year than I ever did when I was going to school. It won't be long until Summer comes along and I cannot wait.
Reflecting on this month makes me realise that not a whole lot happened. My friends and I took a trip to Dublin at the start of the month to 'treat ourselves' and i've been on somewhat of a spending ban since then. It was such a fun day though. We skipped out on applying any make up in favor of getting some makeup whizz in Brown Thomas to beautify us so we could grab an extra few minutes of shut eye before getting the train. Brilliant plan on our behalf and something I will definitely do again. We also spent a lot of time running around the Disney store and wishing we were Disney princesses because well ..... why not? This weekend we're having a massive #GirlsWeekend. We're going shopping, planning a sun holiday and heading out for a girls night. I'm so excited, I have absolutely nothing to wear and I can see Tally Weijl being raided tomorrow.
Reading - I read only one book this month. Disastrous. I know. I'm so annoyed at myself. Especially because I read it in the space of two hours so it wasn't even like it took up a lot of time. The book was 'Reasons to Stay Alive' by Matt Haig and I honestly couldn't put it down. I bought and read it all in one day. I had seen it come up on various Instagrams and didn't think it would be any good, but it was so eye opening and brutally honest. Matt has a way of writing which makes you feel like you're reading about a friend, he doesn't hold back and it's so deeply personal and moving that no amount of words on my behalf could do it any justice. I highly recommend you give it a read.
Watching  - House of Cards, three days of binge watching and I finished the newest season. I went into a semi trance and just powered through it on my days off. It was definitely better than last season, I feel like the show lost itself last season and didn't really know where it was going. This season however was so good and I'm so annoyed at myself for watching it so fast. Movie wise, this month I was so deeply disappointed by 'Batman vs Superman'. It was the biggest waste of time ever. I got so bored I actually left the screen a few times to go annoy the guys in work. Ben Affleck wasn't convincing as Batman in the slightest, and the first two hours of the movie were a total snoozefest and I was vry confused the whole time. It seemed vry choppy. I do not recommend.
Loving - this month I've been loving Youtube and blogs. A little too much, I feel like this is where I wasted all my time.....on the internet.
  • I've been reading 'Retro Flame' for a long time, so I was only delighted when Erika launched her YouTube channel during March. She only has a few videos up so far, but I'm really enjoying her vlogs.
  • Another Youtube fave this month is Lauren Toyota from 'hot for food'. 'hot for food' is a vegan cooking channel on YouTube run by Lauren & boyfriend John Diemer and I'm absolutely obsessed with both channels. I love Laurens channel that bit more because it's ~personal and chatty and she's vry down to earth and yano 'real'. Her 'What I ate in a Day' vidz are my favourite thing, even the background music makes me smile. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy their videos either, I binge watched all of them and drooled over everything.
  • My most read blog this month is 'Cinnamon Soul'. Niamh is currently based in NYC and I wholeheartedly blame her for how much I'm missing NYC lately. Her blog and Instagram are #goals tbh.
March kind of flew but it was a good month, best of the year so far maybe and April is already shaping up to be a good one. I just hope I can squeeze in a little more reading, my kindle is filling up with books that I keep telling myself I'll start tomorrow.

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Fatima said...

Sounds like you had a great but relaxing month! The books you mentioned in this post sounds good