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I am an Instagram ADDICT. I have 0 shame in admitting that. Most people spend their whole time scrolling through Facebook, I spend every free second scrolling through Instagram from various sources of inspiration. There's just something about all the images that screams out to me. It's just so aesthetically pleasing and it transends all languages because you're just spending your time looking at images, the captions rarely matter. My Instagram is perfectly organised and I get so many questions asking how I manage it, and do not fear, I have a post coming on that in the next week or two.
Right now though, this is just a quick snapshot into what I've been up to over the last couple of weeks. My friends and I are planning a sun getaway for September so naturally we've been spending a lot of time in Costa lately. The unicorn pjs were a cheeky purchase from ASOS and I've been loving them. I think I'm having a unicorn 'moment' with the rest of the world right now. I'm just all about that magic and bright color yano? I was also happily binge rewatching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, that is until they blocked DNS codes and Hola. Le sigh. I personally don't think the UK/Ireland version is value for money and I'm actually going to cancel my subscription because it's just not worth it. The middle picture on the bottom row is my weak attempt at a crown braid, but I think I'm slowly getting there. I'm getting a lot of braid practice in these days.....trying to not use heat on my hair. It's actually harder than I originally thought it would be.
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Dreaming in Sequins said...

I need to watch Greys... I love medical dramas how have I never watched it? Love the pJs and your Instagram- although sometimes I think imfollowing too many- as I miss photos ya know... Siobhan

Fatima said...

What a great show!

Mantenso said...

I am obsessed with Grey's I started watching it about a month ago and I'm on season 8 already hahaha! I feel you on the Insta addiction, I'm the same!

Anonymous said...

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