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La Roche Posay Make Up Remover Gel

la roche posay make up remover gel review
la roche posay cleansing gel bad review
This is going to be a negative review which is such a pity because I really wanted to love the La Roche Posay Make Up Remover Gel. I've never used a make up remover that was a gel before and when I set about revamping my whole skincare routine, I decided I would opt for a micellar gel rather than my usual go to of the Garnier micellar water for removing my make up. I am massively anti make up wipes so I will always opt for a good micellar water to remove my make up, even if it is 4am and I'm coming in from a night out. It's just not worth it.
My friend mentioned some time ago that she had used a micellar gel from a different brand and said it was amazing. She said it helped remove her make up really quick and left her skin feeling squeaky clean, so it was always something that echoed in the back of my mind when I was browsing the shelves in Boots.
At the moment everything in my skincare routine is La Roche Posay, and I figured with this micellar gel being La Roche Posay and a little more on the ~spendy side of Boots I wouldn't be let down. I mean, you get what you pay for right?! But no, I was wrong. When it came to this make up remover gel, I found it to be short of amazing and pretty useless to be honest.
Definitely not worth the €15.99 I paid for it.
The La Roche Posay make up remover gel is a clear gel made for combination to sensitive skin, it contains no soap or alcohol and lacks any scent. Considering my acne prone skin, these are all things I look for and something that stood out when I was trying to decide which micellar gel to go with. I found no irritation when I used this and it didn't break out my skin. But when it came down to removing my make up, that's where it fell short. You apply the gel to a wet face, massage it into your face to lift the make up from your skin, and then this is where it gets confusing, the bottle says 'no rinsing'. So I removed the gel with a cotton bud. I found that one pump of this was definitely not enough to help dissolve your makeup, it takes about three goes of pumping and massaging to get your make up off your face and even then I didn't feel like my face was squeaky clean. Which I confirmed by going over my face with my micellar water. I was disappointed to see the gel hadn't removed all my make up and was no where near the 'quick' solution I was hoping it would be to remove my make up.
Maybe I'm not using it correctly, afterall the instructions aren't very clear but I found it's no where near as good as my Garnier micellar water which I would consider a holy grail at this stage.
I'm still using the La Roche Posay Make Up Remover Gel, but I'm using it in combination with my micellar water to ensure I've removed all make up. It's definitely not something I would recommend buying or run out and repurchase.
Have any of you tried this? What were your thoughts?


Lucy said...

Its a shame this wasn't very good I've heard a few good things about it - I think I'll stick to my Garnier Micellar Water but this was a great review!

Lucy | Forever September

Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

Ah what a shame! This sounds more like something I'd use as a second cleanse to be honest - I tend to use a micellar water to remove my make-up, then a balm or cream cleanser, and then a gel cleanser, so it might be good for that third step!?

Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

Fatima said...

That is a shame this product was such a bust