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The List // February

I'm sorry but is anyone else slightly terrified by the fact that it's already March? I know I am. I suppose that's the trouble with February, it's that teeny bit shorter and before you know it, it's over. The year seems to be flying and so far I've nothing to show for it, other than becoming a little better at yoga and managing to semi remove the blue dip dye from the ends of my hair. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time watching the Oscars in preparation for Leo's win. Pre Oscars with E! and actual Oscar Oscars. The Oscars were longer than 'The Revenant' and that was freaking long and offense Leo. But ahh at last, the longest running internet meme is over, next years Oscars goes back to being as boring as the Oscars were before Leo became a ~thing.
Reading - I didn't read a whole lot during February. For whatever reason, anytime I went to pick up my Kindle it was dead and by the time it was charged I just wasn't in the mood anymore. I'm trying to finish off 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed, I really enjoyed the movie and I'm liking the book too. Not as much as the movie but had I read the book before the movie I'd probably feel different.
My friend Celine (who happens to have a book series coming up on her blog here) recommended I give Stephen Kings 'The Stand' a read after we both fangirled over the movie 'Contagion' in work one day. Evidently, we're both into end of the world ~flu stories because they have an actual chance of happening. I'm only a tiny bit into it but I'm already loving it. The internet tells me Matthew McConaughey is tipped to star in the film adaption. I am all about that.
Watching - I watched a lot of TV last month. Re-watched two seasons of 'Grey's Anatomy', finished the last season of 'House' and powered through 'Mad Men'. I didn't think I'd like 'Mad Men' as much as I am. Don Draper. I'm just loving that whole back story and everything it brings with. 'Mad Men' will be on hold for March as I binge watch 'House of Cards' season four. I'm so excited to have Frank Underwood back on my screen.
Movie wise, this month I absolutely loved 'Deadpool'. It was just so chill and funny. Ryan Reynolds was perfect. I've seen the end a couple hundred times and it just doesn't get old. I also really liked 'How To Be Single'. I'm not a Rebel Wilson fan (she's the same character in every movie) and I'm not too pushed about Dakota Johnson either but it seemed like a light hearted movie to go see with yo gals. We had the whole screen to ourselves and we had a good laugh. It was surprisingly funny and left me feeling nothing but nostalgic for NYC. I also watched 'Zoolander' for the first time and it was so deliciously tacky that I hate myself for having not watched it sooner.

Listening - Sia. I can't get enough of her new album. I've always been a massive Sia fan, her old stuff is my go to when I can't stand mainstream chart stuff. It's deep and personal and sometimes you just need that. I highly recommend you give her new album a listen. 'House on Fire' is probably my favourite track on the album and I'm just counting down till she announces an Irish concert.
In a complete turn of unexpected events, I have been loving//obsessing over Zayn 'Pillowtalk'. I wasn't prepared for how much I was going to love it. I feel like he just hit us with it. I just wasn't ready.
If you want to see what other songs I've been listening to, check out my Spotify playlist on the left

Needing - Studio lights. I'm thinking about venturing into the whole world of Youtube and I want to do it right from the get go, so I've been eyeing up lights on Amazon. I just need a ridiculous amount of money first.
Hating - Psoriasis. I'll stop harping on.....eventually.
Loving - i've been loving the simpler things these last few weeks
  • Curly hair.  Who would have thought I'd become a curly hair fanatic. I used to be all about straight hair, but it's a bit harder to manage than curly hair.
  • Bubblemint chewing gum. If you haven't tried it, ya need to.
  • Watermelon smoothies. More like a juice than anything else cause I basically just blend watermelon. But it's so tasty.
  • Instagram - I'll never not be obsessed with Instagram. I spend a little too much time ~perfecting it, but sure it's all fun and games really (JesskaDenise).
  • Friends - spending more time with friends and drinking coffee and shopping and making holiday plans. I love my girls. I love that me and my bestie currently have matching gel nails and ridiculously hilarious slogan jumpers from H&M. I love them.
So that's a little catch up of February. I'm trying to make March a little more exciting. Read more. Do more. Just more. Hopefully I'm successful in doing so. Easter is coming and that means a whole lot of time in work. Three weeks holidays? My brother is blessed haha.


Emma's Grimoire said...

I love Sia, obsessed with her new album =]

Unknown said...

I've been binge watching Gossip Girl this month (and last month too) ha! xx

elizabeth said...

Your blog is so lovely! I loved reading your month's summary, so many relatable things haha! :D xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

Fatima said...

Great update! Good luck with the YouTube thing