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MeMeMe Cosmetics for Pale Skin

me me me cosmetics conealer and tinted moisturiser
tinted moisturiser for pale skin ireland
If you're like me and you're a little on the pale side, finding foundations and concealers that perfectly match your skin can be nothing short of a nightmare. Many times have I applied my foundation thinking it was the perfect match and walked outside to find that no, no it was not perfect at all.
I find the same thing to be true for tinted moisturisers. There's some days where I don't want to apply a heavy base and just want to go for as much of a natural looking base as I can and keep things low maintenance, but I could never find a tinted moisturiser or even a BB cream to match my pale skin. Even the lightest of shades were too dark. But then my equally as pale friend Ellie introduced me to 'MeMeMe cosmetics'. (It used to be stocked in Athlone Town Centre shopping centre but sadly it is no more.) She's a massive fan of the concealer and introduced me to the stand one day when we probably should have been in a lecture. The first thing I noted was the wide range of lighter shaded foundations and concealers. It was quite the contrast to the neighboring L'oreal and Rimmel stands, who seem to forget that in Ireland, we're all rather pale and as much as I wish I was an Ivory or a Cool Beige, I'm just not. I was in my element and purchased the tinted moisturiser, which is my go to from 'MeMeMe', so I was super excited when I was contacted to see if I'd like to review the tinted moisturiser and concealer for my blog. I've repurchased it a number of times over the years and I've also bought the beige shade for when I'm wearing tan. I find it gives a lovely healthy glow to your skin for day to day wear. It is quite a light coverage so if you suffer from any redness or acne like I do, then you definitely will need a dab of concealer. I apply it with my fingers and found it blends easily and sinks in nicely on my skin. I was worried about looking super shiny because I have oily skin and wasn't too sure how it would fair with the tinted moisturiser but I wasn't shiny at all and it did feel like I was wearing nothing on my skin. Although it looks slightly yellow in the swatch above, it's actually a perfect match for my skin, same with the beige shade when I'm wearing tan.
The concealer is one of those products that you can get away with for not only concealing, but highlighting too. When I'm not wearing tan this is perfect for concealing spots and under eye circles, but obviously it's too light when I'm wearing tan. I've taken to using it as a cream highlighter so I can make the most of it. I find a little dab on my cheekbone and brow bone adds that extra bit of life and glow to my face. I do find it that little bit awkward to blend, it's a funny consistency. Pretty hard to describe, it's like it's bordering on being a gel. It's nothing like the Collection concealer which I'd consider to be pretty liquidy if you get what I mean. I do find this to be a better color match than the light Collection concealer. If only it was the same sort of formula, then I'd be absolutely obsessed. As far as concealers go it's pretty basic, it covers quite well but it doesn't last very long and you need to reapply a few times throughout the day but it does make for a really nice highlight.
Not many places stock 'MeMeMe Cosmetics' so it is hard to get your hands on despite it being rolled out across Ireland. I actually found that when they started 'rolling' it out, is when my go to stand started to stop being restocked and well slowly disappeared. If you're a pale girl like me, deffo keep an eye out for the tinted moisturiser, it's a lifesaver. Especially for college and days where you're just not bothered. Have any of you tried anything from 'MeMeMe'? Comment below.
(*Although these products were sent to me for review purposes, this hasn't impacted my thoughts on these products. I have previously purchased and have since purchased, the tinted moisturiser myself.)


Anne Macachor said...

I'm on the paler side too although I don't often use highlighters and foundations and opt for the BB cream instead. Still, great review. I haven't heard of this product before.

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Fatima said...

These products sound good. Great post