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Boots Haul

irish beauty blog boots haul
If I am ever going to save any money to do anything worthwhile (holiday, move abroad, buy a car, something practical etc etc), then Boots is really going to have to do me a solid and stop with the 3 for 2 offers. I went into my local Boots with the aim of buying one item. An eyeliner. A liquid eyeliner with a good tip. My local Boots don't stock my holy grail Soap and Glory eyeliner and I so wasn't waiting for it to arrive by post (inpatient) so I wandered on over to Bourjois, saw it was 3 for 2, also saw that they had this new 'anti grease' foundation which was really sold to me by the packaging and then I figured 'Ive come this far, I may as well pick up one more thing?!' and I walked out of Boots with a little less money but a little bit happier.
It's been a while since I raided Boots, and I'm a bit behind on all the new stuff so I'm excited to try out this foundation. The promise of 'anti grease' has me really intrigued and I'm hoping it stays true to it's promise because despite my psoriasis dilemma, my forehead is pretty oily and so is my lower chin. I've given the eyeliner a whirl, and although I'm not liking it as much as my usual Soap and Glory, it will do for now. I find it breaks flow when you're trying to create a line, super annoying. I picked up the Rouge Edition lipstick in the shade 'nudeist', it gave me total 'Kylie' vibes and we all want to recreate her signature look minus the lip injections.....right?
Obviously the MAC isn't a Boots buy, I picked it up yesterday when I was in Dublin with the girls. My friends and I decided we #deserved a new, good, expensive foundation and after we were let down by NARS & Bobbi Brown we retreated back to good aul MAC and I was matched to this 'Pro Longwear' foundation and I am loving it so far. The girl in MAC applied it to my face and made sure it was a good fit for my skin type and skin shade. Normally I would never have them match me (paranoid about my skin) but I was confident she knew what she was doing (her own makeup was fab) and let her work her charm. So far so good. It feels light and airy, and although I suck at applying foundation anyway, I feel like I've done a pretty good job. Coverage is fab too. Vry little concealer needed, which is good cause I'm trying to do the whole ~less is more.
I have another LUSH haul coming soon, but this is all I've picked up on the beauty front lately.
Have you guys picked up any good bargains? Comment below and tell me what I need.


Unknown said...

I've got the City Radiance foundation. It's really good but cos I have oily skin it does't last as well on me! :( xx

Pink Elephant Blog said...

I really like the look of that Bourjois anti-grease foundation! Have to check it out!

Alex | Pink Elephant Blog.

Emily said...

I really liked the look of this foundation but sadly the swatch was too orange for me, even though it was the palest shade! I've recently picked up the L'Oreal Contour Kit and I love it!

Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


Fatima said...

Great haul!