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Birthday #OOTN

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(Skirt - Tally Weijl // Crop Top & Heels - Primark)
Last night the fam and I went out to celebrate my brothers 21st birthday. We hit a local chinese restaurant in town and had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday. The last time I properly went 'out, out' was in September with my friends so I saw last night as the perfect opportunity to get a little more dressed up than usual. I've had this skirt in my wardrobe since last year, I bought it to wear to NYC but couldn't find a top that went with it, so left it in my wardrobe completely forgetting all about it's existence till last night. The skirt is cute, feminine and girly and the lace adds a whole extra ~something without being too in your face. I wanted to strike the perfect balance between top and bottom so I tried on a few tops before I finally settled on this striped crop top from Primark. I think it suited the skirt quite well and I'm a sucker for stripes right now so this played into my current obsession. The heels were given to me by a friend AGES ago and I've only ever ventured out in them a few times because they're pretty hard to walk in. The strap provides zero support so you're kind of wobbling around a little until you can find your balance. They look amazing though. Overall it was a great night and it was nice to get dressed up and out of the house for a little while.


Charlotte Dickson said...

This is such a cute OOTD, it's always nice going out for a meal and dressing up for it! I especially love the lace detailing on the skirt. It's always so nice finding something in your wardrobe that you completely forget about :) x
Charlotte's Road

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the skirt, so pretty! and I think the top goes with it perfectly :)

Sinead | Dreaming Again

Fatima said...

Great outfit super cute and fun!