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Another LUSH Haul

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Yes, yes, yes. I did just do a haul, and not too long before that I did do a LUSH haul. Buuut in my defense that was an 'overdue' haul. This one is recent. Two weeks ago to be precise. I went into LUSH on Henry Street with a game plan - two bath bombs. Nothing more, nothing less. Obviously that went right out the window. I even bought two bath melts. I never buy bath melts. But 'Mmmelting Marshmallow' smelled insanely delicious, and the girl at the counter managed to talk me into buying 'Floating Island' and I'm so glad she did. I used it last night, and oh my god, it smelled so so good. Like Vanilla ice cream. So sweet. I will say however, bath melts are super boring aren't they? I mean, they don't look as fun as other LUSH products and well, there's no bubbles or rainbow colors. My skin did feel super soft after though, all those oils really made a difference and the scent lingered on my skin after my bath. I picked up 'The Experimenter' because I used it before and absolutely loved it so I knew I wouldn't be let down. But I wanted to try some things I've never tried before so after some hmmming, I picked up 'Dragons Egg', 'Sakura' and 'Ladybird'. 'Sakura' has jasmine in it which is my all time favourite scent so it went into my basket without hesitation, 'Dragons Egg' looked pretty boring on the outside but I remember seeing a demo of it before and it looked really cool so I thought 'why not?' and finally, 'Ladybird'. It's so so cute. I just had to have it. I'm looking forward to using this the most, but I think it's seasonal so I'm also weary of falling completely in love with it considering I only bought one and I don't know if I can wait for it to be released again. Damn you LUSH!! Do any of you have a 'go to' LUSH product? I want to try more but I dunno what to go for.


Fatima said...

Great haul!

Unknown said...

I've used a few of their bath melts that I got as gift and oh my smells amazing!
Love their facial cleansers though. The best.
Hareem x

Lucy said...

Sakura is one that I always look at but never pick up - I think I will next time!

Lucy | Forever September