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No7 Midnight Lash Mascara Review

no7 midnight lash mascara review
no7 mascara review blog
Truth be told, No7 isn't exactly a brand that I gravitate towards when I'm in Boots. I don't know why, but for some reason I've always associated No7 with the older, more mature woman. I think the minimalist packaging and the high prices are something that just don't appeal to me, and you think considering how Boots like to give vouchers pushing No7 I'd be more inclined to buy from the stand or at least take a nose but I never really do. The only times I ever buy from No7 is when my friend is in Boots and she's convinced me I need it (foundation and exfoliator being winners so far). My friend is obviously very good at her job, being a Boots girl and a No7 pusher haha. Anyway, she convinced me a few months ago that I needed this mascara, it was a new product at the time and I thought the packaging was a little more on the risque side for No7. Glitter isn't usually something you see on their products, their packaging is usually quite simple and err boring, although this mascara is now available in a similar red glitter tube - which I have somehow convinced myself I now need purely because it gives me Dorothy in OZ vibes.
No7 Midnight Lash Mascara before
No7 Midnight Lash Mascara comparison
No7 Midnight Lash Mascara after make up
(excuse my ratchet eyebrows - I was in the process of growing them out!!)
I actually really like this mascara. I honestly didn't think I would. The brush didn't wow me like Bourjois or L'oreal do and formula just seemed a little bleh on initial inspection. When you look closer you can see that it has a slight curve to it. Smaller bristles on the outer and inner edges, and longer in the middle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it does give your lashes that extra bit of wow. It really helps plump up your lashes and if you rarely use an eyelash curler like me, it's not completely useless. As you can see in the middle pic, my lashes with mascara are more lifted, which really helps open up your eyes and make you look more awake and alive. Something I really need considering I'm a terrible sleeper. In terms of living up to the name 'Midnight Lash', I don't think it does. I thought it would be more of an intense night time volume, but if anything it's just perfect for a natural day to day look. It's easily buildable and doesn't clump on your lashes and there's none of that 'spider leg' effect. The mascara isn't too dry or wet and doesn't leave you with that heavy crunchy feeling like some other mascaras do. At the moment, this is my everyday mascara, if you ever see me out and about or in a snapchat and you're wondering what mascara I'm wearing - this is it. Have any of you tried this? What were your thoughts, comment below.


Birthday #OOTN

blog ootd birthday
tally weijl skirt
irish fashion blog
(Skirt - Tally Weijl // Crop Top & Heels - Primark)
Last night the fam and I went out to celebrate my brothers 21st birthday. We hit a local chinese restaurant in town and had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday. The last time I properly went 'out, out' was in September with my friends so I saw last night as the perfect opportunity to get a little more dressed up than usual. I've had this skirt in my wardrobe since last year, I bought it to wear to NYC but couldn't find a top that went with it, so left it in my wardrobe completely forgetting all about it's existence till last night. The skirt is cute, feminine and girly and the lace adds a whole extra ~something without being too in your face. I wanted to strike the perfect balance between top and bottom so I tried on a few tops before I finally settled on this striped crop top from Primark. I think it suited the skirt quite well and I'm a sucker for stripes right now so this played into my current obsession. The heels were given to me by a friend AGES ago and I've only ever ventured out in them a few times because they're pretty hard to walk in. The strap provides zero support so you're kind of wobbling around a little until you can find your balance. They look amazing though. Overall it was a great night and it was nice to get dressed up and out of the house for a little while.


L'oreal Infallible Setting Spray

Loreal Infallible Setting Spray blog review
I like to keep my makeup routine as low maintenance as possible. Having acne prone skin means I like to take the 'less is more' approach and keep things to a minimum but some days I like to go all out and use everything from mascara to highlight. However, I'm the first to admit that I'm not actually great at putting on makeup. My foundation can look a bit dodgy sometimes and I'm guilty of being quite lazy when it comes to reapplying things like lipstick, powder and concealer throughout the day. I'm always amazed by girls (my friend Trina - eyeshadow whizz) who can go a whole day with impeccable looking makeup. Mine always looks a little iffy by the time 6pm rolls around and these days I really only bother with a 'face' when I'm going to work. This time last year though, L'oreal launched their 'Infallible' range and I was instantly intrigued. The range promised to deliver 'long lasting' makeup that would keep you going from day to night and would feel lightless and fresh throughout the day. I've bought both variations of the foundation and loved them, but was disappointed to see that the setting spray wasn't available here in Ireland at the time. Naturally with a trip to NYC looming, the L'oreal Infallible setting spray was top of my 'must buy' list and one of the first beauty items I purchased whilst I was over there. I've never used a setting spray before and I was curious to see if it would really help my makeup stay in place throughout the day.
First things first, I hate the packaging. It's sort of rubbery which means it gets quite grubby quickly. I also hate the smell of the spray, although it doesn't linger on your skin and you can only smell it when spraying, it's not very nice and reminds me of a household cleaning product.
The spray itself I really love. It's easy to apply (I followed the directions on the back) and doesn't feel like you're 'spraying' your face with anything. It applies like a mist and absorbs into your skin quickly. If you don't give it a good shake before using, it squirts and leaves little spots on your face which is a little annoying. I like that it absorbed quickly because if you're in a rush you don't want to be waiting for it to absorb. I was also afraid that it might make my makeup look quite wet and sweaty looking but it doesn't at all. It really does help set your makeup for the day. I've found that the makeup on my forehead and chin lasts a lot longer throughout the day compared to days when I'd completely skip the setting spray altogether and I like that when you do use it, that it doesn't look or feel like you've used any setting spray at all.
If you're looking for a cheap, reliable setting spray that doesn't exactly break the bank and is simple to use, then I would definitely recommend the L'oreal infallible setting spray. Especially if you're like me and would rather not have to deal with touching up your makeup throughout the day - lazy gal right here. Have any of you tried this?? Comment below.


Milky Way Chocolate Chip Cookies

Milky Way Chocolate Chip Cookies
chocolate chip cookie recipe
milky way cookie recipe
Alright, first things first. I wasn't going to share my recipe for these bad boys on the blog because 1). I didn't think anyone would want to see them, and 2). I'm a dairy free vegetarian and don't eat chocolate, soo I've actually never eaten these and I can't confirm if they're good or not. But my brothers and their friends and my neighbours however, are all obsessed and that counts for something right? I just felt like sharing them when I haven't tried them was a lil silly and so these images have been sitting in a folder on my laptop for some time now. But anyway, I shared an Easter variation of these Milky Way cookies on Snapchat (JesskaDenise) at the weekend and the ever so lovely Siobhan from 'Dreaming in Sequins' asked me to share on the blog, so here they are. Incredibly simple. This is just a simple recipe I got online last year and I've mixed it up a little to get these as they are. My brother has described them as a cookie meets brownie hybrid because they're like a cookie on the outside but a little softer inside similar to a brownie.

  • 200g butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 80g Cocoa Powder
  • 250g Sugar
  • 275g Self Raising Flour
  • Chocolate chips (I usually go for white and I eyeball how much I want to add, usually half a bag).
  • Milkyway share size bar.
  • If you're opting for the easter version I made on snapchat, switch out the Milkyway bar for a bag of Mini Eggs.
  • Dark chocolate share bar.
  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Prepare cookie tray with baking paper.
  3. Put your butter and sugar into a bowl and mix.
  4. Crack in your egg and mix.
  5. Throw in your flour and cocoa powder and mix until all ingredients are combined. The batter won't look like your regular cookie dough batter. It'll be moist and super messy to touch. It sticks everywhere guys.
  6. Sprinkle in your chocolate chips and try and spread them out as evenly as possible.
  7. Start scooping the mixture into little balls and place on tray. I usually get 12-18 cookies depending on how big or small I make the balls.
  8. Adding the milkyway and dark chocolate is all about eyeballing it. I usually break a whole milky way bar up and then chop each square into four and place them into the cookie ball on the tray. I then add the dark chocolate following the same method depending on how chocolatey I want them to be. 
  9. If you're going for the Easter version - add about two mini eggs to each ball and move the dough to cover the egg over. Add dark chocolate bar also.
  10. Set oven timer to 10mins. Depending on how fast your oven cooks, they made need another five minutes. They won't be super crunchy on the outside until they cool down. I make sure they're done by poking them with a knife and making sure it comes out dry.
So there you have it. The first five steps are the ones where you need to pay the most attention. Adding the chocolate chips/bars/mini eggs is all about personal preference. These are definitely a sugar overload. The original recipe actually calls for 300g of sugar but I reduced that because I felt it was too much. These are pretty idiot proof, I mean I'm no domestic goddess but everyone always seems to enjoy these and they take no longer than 30mins to prepare and cook.  If you try them, let me know in the comments or if you have any questions, please tweet me (@JesskaDenise), I think I've simplified this as best as I can :D


MeMeMe Cosmetics for Pale Skin

me me me cosmetics conealer and tinted moisturiser
tinted moisturiser for pale skin ireland
If you're like me and you're a little on the pale side, finding foundations and concealers that perfectly match your skin can be nothing short of a nightmare. Many times have I applied my foundation thinking it was the perfect match and walked outside to find that no, no it was not perfect at all.
I find the same thing to be true for tinted moisturisers. There's some days where I don't want to apply a heavy base and just want to go for as much of a natural looking base as I can and keep things low maintenance, but I could never find a tinted moisturiser or even a BB cream to match my pale skin. Even the lightest of shades were too dark. But then my equally as pale friend Ellie introduced me to 'MeMeMe cosmetics'. (It used to be stocked in Athlone Town Centre shopping centre but sadly it is no more.) She's a massive fan of the concealer and introduced me to the stand one day when we probably should have been in a lecture. The first thing I noted was the wide range of lighter shaded foundations and concealers. It was quite the contrast to the neighboring L'oreal and Rimmel stands, who seem to forget that in Ireland, we're all rather pale and as much as I wish I was an Ivory or a Cool Beige, I'm just not. I was in my element and purchased the tinted moisturiser, which is my go to from 'MeMeMe', so I was super excited when I was contacted to see if I'd like to review the tinted moisturiser and concealer for my blog. I've repurchased it a number of times over the years and I've also bought the beige shade for when I'm wearing tan. I find it gives a lovely healthy glow to your skin for day to day wear. It is quite a light coverage so if you suffer from any redness or acne like I do, then you definitely will need a dab of concealer. I apply it with my fingers and found it blends easily and sinks in nicely on my skin. I was worried about looking super shiny because I have oily skin and wasn't too sure how it would fair with the tinted moisturiser but I wasn't shiny at all and it did feel like I was wearing nothing on my skin. Although it looks slightly yellow in the swatch above, it's actually a perfect match for my skin, same with the beige shade when I'm wearing tan.
The concealer is one of those products that you can get away with for not only concealing, but highlighting too. When I'm not wearing tan this is perfect for concealing spots and under eye circles, but obviously it's too light when I'm wearing tan. I've taken to using it as a cream highlighter so I can make the most of it. I find a little dab on my cheekbone and brow bone adds that extra bit of life and glow to my face. I do find it that little bit awkward to blend, it's a funny consistency. Pretty hard to describe, it's like it's bordering on being a gel. It's nothing like the Collection concealer which I'd consider to be pretty liquidy if you get what I mean. I do find this to be a better color match than the light Collection concealer. If only it was the same sort of formula, then I'd be absolutely obsessed. As far as concealers go it's pretty basic, it covers quite well but it doesn't last very long and you need to reapply a few times throughout the day but it does make for a really nice highlight.
Not many places stock 'MeMeMe Cosmetics' so it is hard to get your hands on despite it being rolled out across Ireland. I actually found that when they started 'rolling' it out, is when my go to stand started to stop being restocked and well slowly disappeared. If you're a pale girl like me, deffo keep an eye out for the tinted moisturiser, it's a lifesaver. Especially for college and days where you're just not bothered. Have any of you tried anything from 'MeMeMe'? Comment below.
(*Although these products were sent to me for review purposes, this hasn't impacted my thoughts on these products. I have previously purchased and have since purchased, the tinted moisturiser myself.)


Another LUSH Haul

lush dublin henry st haul
lush ladybird blog
Yes, yes, yes. I did just do a haul, and not too long before that I did do a LUSH haul. Buuut in my defense that was an 'overdue' haul. This one is recent. Two weeks ago to be precise. I went into LUSH on Henry Street with a game plan - two bath bombs. Nothing more, nothing less. Obviously that went right out the window. I even bought two bath melts. I never buy bath melts. But 'Mmmelting Marshmallow' smelled insanely delicious, and the girl at the counter managed to talk me into buying 'Floating Island' and I'm so glad she did. I used it last night, and oh my god, it smelled so so good. Like Vanilla ice cream. So sweet. I will say however, bath melts are super boring aren't they? I mean, they don't look as fun as other LUSH products and well, there's no bubbles or rainbow colors. My skin did feel super soft after though, all those oils really made a difference and the scent lingered on my skin after my bath. I picked up 'The Experimenter' because I used it before and absolutely loved it so I knew I wouldn't be let down. But I wanted to try some things I've never tried before so after some hmmming, I picked up 'Dragons Egg', 'Sakura' and 'Ladybird'. 'Sakura' has jasmine in it which is my all time favourite scent so it went into my basket without hesitation, 'Dragons Egg' looked pretty boring on the outside but I remember seeing a demo of it before and it looked really cool so I thought 'why not?' and finally, 'Ladybird'. It's so so cute. I just had to have it. I'm looking forward to using this the most, but I think it's seasonal so I'm also weary of falling completely in love with it considering I only bought one and I don't know if I can wait for it to be released again. Damn you LUSH!! Do any of you have a 'go to' LUSH product? I want to try more but I dunno what to go for.