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Soap and Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em

soap and glory scrub em and leave em scrub
If there's nothing I love more than a good body scrub, it's a good 'Soap and Glory' body scrub and this one ticks all the boxes. It looks super pretty, it does what it says on the tub and it smells pretty damn scrumptious too.
soap and glory body scrub review
If you follow me via Twitter (@JesskaDenise if you want to keep up to date with my daily going onsss) then you will know that about a month ago I broke out in the absolute worse psoriasis ever. That comes across as a bit dramatic, but as someone who has never experienced psoriasis before, it was nothing short of a shock. When I say I broke out in psoriasis, I really mean broke out. It's on my scalp, face (beautician had to take a rain check on HD brows for the time being), back, arms and legs. It's literally everywhere. Remember the strop Kim Kardashian pulled when she broke out in psoriasis? Yeh, our reactions may have been a teeny bit similar. Me, dramatic? Never.....
Apparently it's been triggered by stress, which makes perfect sense as I am overly stressed, my main concern however was dealing with it from a vanity point of view. At the moment I'm applying various creams that my GP gave me which are really helping to clear it up, but unfortunately some of it is quite dry and ~scaly looking so I popped into Boots and picked up this Soap and Glory scrub to help remove the dry skin.
I don't know if you're really supposed to scrub it, but I mean, how else are you supposed to get rid of the flakiness? Ew gross, I know but lets be real here..
I've found scrub em and leave em is perfect for exfoliating my skin whilst dealing with the psoriasis. I apply about a palm amount of the scrub to the area I want to exfoliate and scrub in gentle circular motions and rinse. It's not too abrasive which means it isn't overly harsh on my already suffering skin. It gives it a nice gentle scrub which leaves the psoriasis and non psoriasis areas feeling a lot better. I also found that despite the delicious scent, this scrub hasn't irritated my skin any more than it already is. Which is quite the blessing because my shower gel didn't make the cut.
For the small amount of skin (lower legs holla) that has no psoriasis, I go to town with this. It really leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. My favourite thing about this scrub other than how deliciously girly it smells and how pink it is? The way it rinses off. It's hard to describe but it's like it dissolves as soon as it hits contact with water. No other scrub I've used has rinsed away like this.
For extra scent points and deliciously moisturised skin (if you're not over run with psoriasis), I'd recommend adding a good layer of 'The Righteous Butter' body butter (review here) from 'Soap and Glory' to smell like a bubblegum princess all day.
Have any of you tried this? What were your thoughts? Too sweet? Just right? No flake away?


Fatima said...

Great post! This scrub sounds great I am going to have to try it for myself.

Makeup Monster said...

Ooh I'm dying to try this!

The Betty Stamp said...

Sorry to hear about your Psoriasis, that sounds awful and crap for the confidence, but with Soap and Glory at least you know you smell totally divine in your time of need ! It's always a winnner ! Mmmm I like their body butters. Definitely going to try this , ta for sharing.
Betty x
The Betty Stamp