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The Overdue Lush Haul

lush haul ireland
I don't know about you guys, but lately I have been overly obsessed with Lush. It seems like every time I go onto the website there's something new that catches my eye and a couple of minutes later I'm flying through the online checkout with five or six products that I probably didn't even need to begin with but somehow justified it by saying 'Treat Yo Self' to myself to make it okay. If you can't treat yo self every now and then, well then really having a job is pointless.....or so I keep telling myself. I have a slight shopping problem, we're aware.
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lush frozen bath bomb
Over the past few months I've picked up various new (and old) products from Lush. I used to be very anti ordering Lush online because the shipping was grossly expensive to Ireland and then I just got over myself and said it's worth it. I blame Lucy (Lucyy Writes) for my burgeoning obsession with Lush, she always has great reviews on her blog.
But anyway, yes, I made a cheeky online order a while ago and this is what I ordered :
  • The Experimenter - originally an Oxford Street exclusive and majorly popular on instagram, this stunning bath bomb is like a psychedelic kaleidoscope in your bath. It's made up of all these fun playful colors and just looks incredible swirling around your bath. I threw the whole thing into the bath and watched as the water exploded with various colors and shimmer. It smells incredible, but there is one major downside - the colors don't last in the bath and when the bomb stops fizzing you're left with really grey, depressing murky colored water. But the initial explosion of color is definitely a reason to repurchase this. It leaves your skin super soft too.
  • The Comforter Shower Gel - inspired by the ever so popular bubble bar of the same name, 'The Comforter' shower gel is in danger of replacing 'Snow Fairy' as my favourite Lush shower gel. This smells exactly like the bubble bar to me, some people have commented that they smell nothing alike but I disagree. It smells fruity and sweet and if you're a girly girl like me, you will love the scent this leaves not only on your skin, but wafting through your house post shower.
  • Don't Look at Me Face Mask - I have a whole review on this coming soon, but for now, lets just say that this is hands down my favorite Lush mask of the moment.
  • Frozen Bath Bomb - inspired by the movie 'Frozen' - duh. Definitely not my favourite Lush bath bomb. I honestly expected more. Especially since it's inspired by a kids movie, I thought it would be more fun and childish but really it was a bit meh. It turns your bath water an icy blue shade with swirls of white foam, similar to that of the color scheme of the actual movie. The actual scent of the bath bomb is kind of citrusy and just very fresh. Obviously inspired by an icy cold spring morning. Not a bath bomb I would repurchase, but you definitely get value for your euro as this bomb is massive.
Have any of you tried these? What did you think? Personally I'm a sucker for the face mask but you'll have to wait for my review to find out why ;)


Unknown said...

These look nice. I am really into lush at the mo. Their dark angels facewash - scrub is amazing. You need to try it!
Hareem x

Makeup Monster said...

Nice choices, I'm LONG overdue a Lush haul!

Unknown said...

I've never tried any of these before.. must give some of them a go! X

Fatima said...

Great haul everything u got looks really extcing. I have never tried any of the lush products before but always walk by one at the mall. I might now have to go some of there stuff.