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A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely people at 'JORD' to see if I would like to try out one of their wood watches. Being completely honest, I had never heard of JORD before they contacted me, nor had I ever come across a watch that was made of wood before. I was instantly intrigued, and thought it was a really clever and unique concept. I had a browse through their website (here) and fell in love with the 'Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood watch' which they ever so kindly sent out to me.
Jord Watch box
fieldcrest dark sandalwood jord watch
The watch itself comes beautifully packaged in this sturdy wooden box with the trademark 'J' carved onto the lid. Inside, the watch is wrapped around a plush pillow, with a little card and glass cleaner located beneath. The first thing I noticed when I took the box out of it's parcel was the smell, it smelled like freshly cut wood. Yeh duh, it's a wooden box, but I wasn't expecting any sort of scent and it just kind of reminded me of dark winter nights and the wooden fire burning. Very nostalgic.
I've had the watch a while now and I find myself wearing it more than my Michael Kors (sorry Mum). I just find it's very 'me'. It's a simple, elegant design. It's light weight, so I barely notice I'm wearing it which is brilliant because I get annoyed by things that feel heavy on my wrist.
The watch is also pretty sturdy, I have yet to get any scratches on it. The glass face of the watch is scratch resistant and if you happen to dirty the watch itself, you can easily wipe it clean with some lemon oil.
I'm sure you're probably wondering about sizing, that can be the trickiest part of ordering a watch online, thankfully JORD offer two options for doing so - use your own tape measure or just download and print off the JORD wrist sizer and it will arrive perfectly sized for you. If you're like me and unable to do something as simple as measuring your own wrist, your local jeweler can easily resize it for you. 10€ later and the watch fits like a glove.
jord watch dark
jesskadenise watch review
When I'm wearing my JORD wood watch I like to keep the focus solely on the actual watch and I rarely wear other bracelets. I keep it simple with a few midi rings and let the watch do the talking.
On the day I took these pictures I was feeling pretty damn Autumnal (when am I not?) and wore my mustard jumper from Primark beneath my Topshop pinafore dress. I really think this JORD watch is the perfect accessory for winter because not only does the dark sandalwood compliment the dark berry and mustard tones we'll all be rocking over the next few months, the dark tones mean it will look fabulous with any party dresses you decide to throw on over the festive season. Perfect.
You can purchase the JORD Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood watch here.
(This watch was sent to me to consider for review. This has not impacted my opinion of the watch.)


Unknown said...

Love it! So chunky and rustic unlike most watches out there now :) x

Sinead | Dreaming Again

Makeup Monster said...

So cute and love the box packaging!

thriftylilpixie said...

Oooh this is just so pretty!

Fatima said...

Stunning watch! And what a case !