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New In // Boots Haul

boots haul 2015
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Last week I walked into Boots and somehow fell out the door with these. Do I regret my purchases? Never. Do I regret that the following day I received Boots vouchers in the post that would have been A++ at the time? Yes, yes I do. Just another excuse to hit Boots next week when I get paid. Not that I could possibly need anymore make up, buuuut anyway.
My friends and I did a girls night out last week so I picked up some eyelashes to complete my look. It was 3 for 2 on eyelashes and nails so really it was meant to be. After trying the Eye Candy ones (review here) I was confident in my ability to apply so I went for the new Fleur De Force by Eylure lashes and picked up a box of the Nadine Coyle ones just cause. The Fleur ones are so cute and I'm obsessed with the packaging, it's so pretty. I have a full review of these coming soon so I won't say much more on these.
Boots also have a deal on at the 'mo where you can get 4 Benefit minis (usually 6.50€ each) for 20€. Bargain. I went for Posie Tint, a concealer, eyecream and Bene Tint. Bene Tint has been on my wishlist for a while now but I was little scared by how ~vampy it is. Can't wait to try it out, it'll be perfect for A/W.
Not from Boots, but I finally caved and picked up one of the Zoella bath products in Penneys. I've been really into baths lately and this was cheap as chips so I impulsed buy and I really like it. It smells really nice and adds a nice bit of fizzle to your bath. I wouldn't race out and buy it again, but I ran out of Lush and it's doing the job for now. I'm also a sucker for the packaging. Damn youtubers and their aesthetically pleasing packaging. They know how to pull me in.
Have any of you guys tried these? orrrr do you have any recommendations for my next Boots trip?


Danielle Beautyblog said...

I didn't realise Penneys stocks Zoella products! I haven't tried any but good to know they are there too! Posie tint and Bene tint are lovely and the Nadine lashes used to be my go too's at uni! Fleur's new range looks amazing too!

Danielle's Beauty Blog

Fatima said...

Great haul everything looks great! But those lashes look like they are going to look really pretty <3

Unknown said...

Really want to ry those fleur lashes, they look lovely and natural!

Sinead | Dreaming Again

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photo Jess, gotta make sure I'm following your Insta feed! You've made me really really want to schedule a wee trip to Boots though...

Emma |