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NYC Photo Diary // Part Three

empire state building night view
Ah the last of my NYC photo diaries. Can you believe it was over two months ago now? Just take me back. I miss the sounds of the city and the shopping bargains, Sephora and pancakes (I lived on pancakes), even the subway. Yes the subway, in a weird twisted kind of way. The subway kind of scared me at the time, but looking back, it just added to the adventure. My time in New York was bittersweet to be honest. I have a tendency to get homesick quite easily and I think at the time I let that creep in and put a small dampener on my trip, and I regret that quite a bit but at least I know for next time. The more I think about the two weeks we spent in NY, the more I realise how lucky I was to experience the trip I did. I had dinner on a rooftop bar at sunset and saw Jason Derulo perform in Central Park. I got to experience a typical American Italian restaurant and shop in the biggest shopping centre I've ever seen (Palisades). Not only did I experience the typical touristy, run of the mill type things, but going to NY with one of my best friends meant I got to meet her family, see where she grew up and went to school and where her childhood rabbit was sent for retirement. Those things alone were pretty cool. But for now, pictures.
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brooklyn bridge
love locks brooklyn bridge
brooklyn skyline view
two hands nyc ceiling
nyc two hands acai bowl
No NYC photo series would be complete without a nod to the food, and trust me, there was food. I had two things on my mind when it came to going to America. They were pancakes, and Two Hands cafe. After that, nothing else mattered. I came across Two Hands on Instagram a few months before we were due to go on our trip and it was everything I hoped for and more. I ordered an 'Acai bowl' and some banana bread and I haven't been able to stop thinking about the banana bread since. It was everything. Along with the cookies. My favourite thing (other than the ceiling and the vibe?) was how it was all good ingredients. My one love in life, is good, healthy food and Two Hands was just that. Did I mention they were Australian? or that Chiara from 'The Blonde Salad' and other equally cool people have eaten there? It was so so healthy and ugh I just want to go back, like yesterday. My friend was uber keen to go to 'Carlos' bakery, which I was a little 'meh' about until I saw it was 'Carlos', as in 'Cake Boss'. The queue in there was outrageous, but well worth the wait. It wasn't crazily priced either. I'm so glad she had that on her list of places.
During our time in NY we met up with Rich Tong, one of the brains behind 'Fohr Card', who ever so kindly (or evily since it's all we've been craving since) opened our eyes to the world of 'ramen' at Ippudo. Typically I didn't get a picture, but arghhh, if anyone knows where we can get some good ramen in Ireland - comment below, we will love you forever.
carlos bakery times square
burger heaven new york
places to eat nyc
burger heaven waffles nyc
Obviously it goes without saying that I've left part of my heart in New York and I can't wait to go back. Sooner rather than later.
Mind on my next trip however - I am going to Malta in like 6 weeks for my birthday to reunite with ma boi, so if any of you know of anything I need to do/try over there. Comment below with your suggestions.
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Lucy said...

Your photos are amazing - I'd love to visit New York one day! Sounds amazing:)

Lucy |

Fatima said...

Amazing photos! Love the city💜

Lucyy Writes said...

Your photo's make me want to go to New York even more! x
Lucy at Lucyy Writes x

Unknown said...

Ahh it looks so fab! I can't wait to hopefully visit New York some time :D x

Sinead | Dreaming Again

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It looks amazing! I neeeeed to go!

Leeny said...

Looks so amazing.
I would so love to go. :)
Really love all your images and your blog!