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Monochrome OOTD & Life Update

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Confession - these pictures are from a few weeks ago. That's just how behind I've allowed myself to get with my blog posts. My iPhoto is full of pictures, along with my camera and iPhone. Swamped in potential blog posts, but they're all coming your way shortly. I thought I'd take this time to share what's been going on in my world lately, if you follow me on Twitter (@jesskaDenise) you'll be aware that I've just gone back to college. Not college, college, but a college closer to home to study 'Web Design and Multimedia' for the year. Over Summer the fourth year of the course I was due to study fell through and I was left with the option of going on to study Business or, well Business. After not being too happy with the idea of a ~year out, I've slowly come round to the idea and I'm excited to work on my web design and photo editing skills for the year. I'm looking forward to a semi-relaxed year before going back to study Business next year. You gotta do whatcha gotta do.
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Life events aside, lets talk about the outfit. The bag, my one big purchase from NYC and something that's been on my wishlist ever since I saw Selena Gomez pictured out and about with a full sized version. The studded 'Selma' mini. My baby. How outrageous is the color? I just love that pop of orange, it really adds that something extra to an outfit and lately I've been loving a more 'laid back' look. Having spent most of the Summer in my work uniform which isn't the most comfy or fashionable thing ever, I've been all about keeping it simple on my days off. Now that I'm back at college I'll probably make more of an effort, especially since I find A/W fashion more inspiring than S/S. I'm sure I'm not the only one right? I also can't decide, dungarees - yay or nay?
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - H&M (DIY)
Runners - New Balance @ JD Sport
Nails - Essie 'Romper Room'


Lucy said...

Gorgeous outfit - that bag is stunning! I think dungerees are a yay as well!

Darling Jordan said...

Love love love the outfit! x

Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♡

Emily said...

I hope that college goes well! Loving your outfit too :)

Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


Makeup Monster said...

You look fantastic, that bag is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have a nice year ahead :) Love your outfit! The shirt and bag are gorgeous! x

Sinead | Dreaming Again

Ellie Burns said...

lovely outfit and i hope this year goes well! xx