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Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Review

vaseline cocoa radiant review
Confession : I'm a body moisturiser junkie. At this moment in time, I currently have about ten of them sitting around my room. I don't know whyyyyy I need so many, all I know is - I do. Anyone else like this?
I love a good body moisturiser. More importantly, I love a good cocoa scented moisturiser and thankfully, Vaseline delivers well on this.
I'm a massive fan of the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser (review here) and I've repurchased it again and again without hesitation. Completely disregarding the fact that the Vaseline Spray and Go 7€ a can and a little on the pricier end of the scale, but yano..... it is the ultimate lazy girl companion. But sadly, this lazy girl is on a very tight budget at the moment and I need to make cuts here and there, which is why I jumped for the original version of the spray and go (lotion lotion form) when I spotted it in Cara Pharmacy for €2.45.
vaseline moisturiser cocoa review
The Vaseline Cocoa Radiant lotion, smells exactly the same as the Vaseline Spray and Go version which is a win for me because I'm pretty darn obsessed with the scent alone. There's something about Vaseline cocoa scented products that stand out for me.
The lotion, although beautifully scented, isn't your go to lotion if you're in a hurry. It does take that little bit longer to soak into your skin than the spray and go but, I mean that's to be expected since the spray and go was purposely created for you to spray and, er, go. Personally, I feel like this actually moisturises my skin more than the spray and go. I think it's mostly because I'm applying more than I would than if I was using the spray, and yet, this squeeze bottle has lasted longer than my spray usually does :))
I like to apply a good layer when I get out of the shower, throw on a fluffy pair of pjs and let my skin soak up all the cocoa goodness. My skin feels soft, smooth and smells amazing!!
Bonus tip - I found adding a light layer of the Spray and Go on top of this really layers and intensifies the scents and allows it to linger longer on your skin a little longer.
Have any of you tried this? What did you think? Comment below.


Rasa said...

I love cocoa scent so now I'm tempted to try this xx

Color Me Kiki said...

This looks amazing! I love moisturizers too, I can't get enough! I've never tried any Vaseline products though. Great review!
xo Kiki

Fatima said...

Haven't tried this one yet but looks really nice and moisturezing