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The List // August

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Tomorrow is September, which means - Autumn. Which means - my favourite time of year. September to December is the best time of year. The clothes are better (layers), the make up is better (berry shade lipsticks) and the fire is always that little bit more magical when the evenings are drawing in. My September at the 'mo is a little cray. I went from studying digital marketing, to it being cancelled, to me now (hopefully) studying web design. I've always wanted to learn how to design websites properly so I'm really excited for this change. I'm also going to take it as a year to not 'chill out' exactly, but to be a little less stressed? Is that even possible? Who knows, but here's to newer and better things, and a reflection of what I was loving in August.
Reading - I actually managed to read quite a lot this month. It was a bit of a personal challenge. I used to read all the time when I was younger, but over the last few years, I prioritized TV shows and social media and really, nothing beats a good book and I've really enjoyed losing myself in the pages of another world rather than the online drama of ours. Amazon had a fantastic sale on at the beginning of the month so I picked up quite a few kindle books for 99p. This month I finished reading 'The Duff', 'Go Set a Watchman', 'Down The Rabbit Hole' and 'Girl Boss'. Not too shabby.
Watching - The month of August was dedicated to binge watching 'Gilmore Girls' on netflix. I've never watched it before and I'm currently powering through season three. It's actually quite refreshing to watch a show that's just laid back with normal ~teen drama. I'm shipping Jess and Paris so hard tho. But he'll probably end up with Rory right?!? Ahhh nobody tell me.
aaannnd I think it goes without saying that i've also been glued to Great British Bake Off, right?
Movie wise, this month I absolutely loved 'Paper Towns'. It was just so chill and funny, and although it wasn't exactly a perfect book adaption, I liked that because the book was a little bleugh. The soundtrack was fabulous too. I'm really enjoying all these John Green adaptions. I work in a cinema so I tend to see all the movies that are currently out anyway, but 'Paper Towns' was the best of the month, hands down.

Listening - Vance Joy. I can't stop.
I think my family might be getting sick of his album. But I don't care, it's utter perfection.
I honestly didn't think I could love him anymore and then I heard him live. He is absolutely flawless live. He recently supported Taylor Swift here in Ireland and truth be told, I was more excited to catch him performing than I was for Taylor. I keep checking Ticketmaster for him to come up as 'playing near you'. But nothing.
Spotify is my addiction and I happily pay 12€ a month for the luxury of having it on the go. When you have an iPhone with limited with storage, it's a god send. So make sure you give me a cheeky follow. At the moment I'm currently getting into 'Halsey', I blame everyone I follow on Tumblr for that.

Needing - a whole new winter wardrobe. I'm not even sorry. It's practically October. I need new clothes, cranberry and berry everything please with a hint of monochrome. In the process of saving my dollaaas so I can go blow it all on an all day trip to Penneys in Dublin. Yasss.
Hating - SPIDERS. They are everywhere. I love this time of year, but I hate the little creepy crawly things it brings with it.
Loving - i've been loving the simpler things these last few weeks
  • Shorter evenings. Ahhhh winter is coming. 
  • Sighh designs - I have another sneaky order on the way, oops. 
  • Discounted books on amazon.
  • Instagram & Snapchat - I'm becoming a little more obsessed with the two of these (JesskaDenise).
  • Make up free days. Sometimes your skin just needs a break.
  • Coloring in for adults. This trend is blowing up right now across blogs and social media. Who would have thought at the ripe old age of 22, I'd be feeling less than 22 and more like my 5 year old self with coloring pencils in hand?
Septembering - getting back into the swing of routine and furthering my learning. Not going back to college this semester is a bittersweet feeling. For now, it's for the best but I'll miss the craic and lecturers and seeing everyone and just yano - giving out about college with your friends is fun.
What were you guys loving over August? I feel like I blinked and Summer is over. Crazy.


Sabiha said...

I love Autumn / Winter specially cozying up with a blanket on the sofa watching my fav shows! xx

Fatima said...

Great August favorites! Can't believe u never seen the show Gilmore girls before.... Love that show still watch it even tho I have seen it like millions of times already lol

Unknown said...

I really want to see Paper Towns but no one will come with me, they're not convinced it will be good! haha. Impressive reading list, I really need to start reading more, I've got 3 books here that I've yet to read. Also dying for a new winter wardrobe, if only we were rich <3

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