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NYC Photo Diary // Part Two

the mall central park
Okay guys, once again - picture heavy post. I just had so many pictures I wanted to share with you. I can't believe it's been two months since my trip. It feels like it was only yesterday and yet, it also feels like one big blur. I'm already planning my next trip away in November, Malta. So so excited. My cousins live over there and I haven't seen them in forever so it should be really fun. It's nice to have the countdown app on my iPhone counting down to something again. I've never been to Malta before so if any of you know of any cool//interesting places, do comment below :)
central park
central park gossip girl
On our last week we dedicated an entire day to Central Park. We (me) had a lot we wanted to see there from various movies and TV shows (Gossip Girl) and figured since it was one of the many freebies NYC had to offer, we may as well take an entire day for it, and honestly? Central Park was probably my favourite place in all of NYC that we saw. There's something about the park that's so peaceful and relaxing, strolling around taking in all the scenery with the skyline floating around you is just a whole other experience and one I just can't get out of my head. I imagine it looks ten times better in the fall. Which is also on my list - NYC in October. A/W is my favourite time of year so I'd like to squeeze in a visit around that time at some point.
The day we went to Central Park was also a great laugh because I got to meet up with one of my friends from college - Dami, who also happens to write a blog which you can find here.
We all had a great time just running around the subway, getting slightly lost on the way to Two Hands (post on that soon) and just taking pictures and 200 second snapchat stories which probably had most of our friends hating us.
jason derulo gma 2015
230 fifth rooftop bar
When we were in NY we also had the chance to see Jason Derulo perform on Good Morning America. Coolest thing ever. My friend Trina, has an amazing Aunt who hooked us up with two VIP passes which meant we got early entry and a front row view which was A++.
The concert was part of a summer series that GMA runs during the Summer in the middle of Central Park. You can even see us on Good Morning America, floating in the background. A little cringey when you watch back mind you, but not something everyone gets to do on their trip.
Trinas Aunt also brought us along to a rooftop bar, '230 Fifth'. It's the largest outdoor rooftop garden in NYC and had such a unique, upbeat, fun vibe. Not to forget - it had the prettiest view of NYC, and there's something just so magical about sitting on a rooftop, in the middle of New York freaking City, eating your dinner as the sun is setting and watching the lights from the city twinkle around you.
Two experiences I definitely won't forget in a hurry and I'm really thankful I got to experience.
I'm having serious post NYC sadness right now and I still have another two posts to go.



Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, very jealous of you going to Malta in November! X

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, very jealous of you going to Malta in November! X

Zoe said...

These are beautiful! I have serious travel envy now!

Fatima said...

Great photos !