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Eye Candy Strip Lashes & OOTN

eye candy false lashes
Let me start off by saying that these Eye Candy lashes*(disclaimer at bottom) are my first foray into the world of false lashes. Yes. I know. Madness. How, at the ripe old age of 22 have I never tried false lashes before? Especially as a girl who is obsessed with big lashes? I dunno, it just sort of happened that way but oh my god am I completely converted. I honestly never thought false lashes made that much of a difference. I also thought they'd be really hard to put on, but these Eye Candy ones? Idiot proof. Remember, I'm a beauty blogger - not a make up artist, I suck at basic make up skills. I have trouble with all the basics, winged liner, false nails, lipstick. Yes, lipstick. Laugh at me, do. I'm laughing at myself as I type this. But anywaaaay, these Eye Candy false lashes have essentially changed everything I thought I knew about false lashes.
eye candy false lashes no 12 review
false lashes for dummies
Having never applied false lashes before, I was pretty confident that I was going to screw these up.
I was afraid they might have been too long for my lash line and I would have to cut them, but they were actually the perfect size. If you did need to cut them however, I say it's easy enough.
I used a tweezers to line the strip to my lash to see if they were the correct size and when I confirmed this, I applied a tiny bit of the supplied applicator to the strip of lashes. Then the bit I feared most - sticking the lashes on. Again, trusty tweezers in hand, I carefully applied the strip just above my own lash, beginning from the inner corner and just sort of - winged it. They applied perfectly and I was surprised at just how easy they were to apply. The little bit of glue on the strip was easily hidden with some eyeliner and the strip blended in nicely with my own tiny lashes.
I followed the instructions on the box to a T and I managed to not mess it up. Hooray.
tally weijl longford
My friends and I went out a couple weeks back, and I decided to go the whole whack - false tan, false lashes, favourite dress (Tally Weijl yo). I went with the Eye Candy '12' lashes and the really completed my look. My favourite thing about them is just how natural they look. The inner lashes are quite small and discreet but the end of the lashes flare out to give a subtle hint of drama to your eyes. My friends thought they were just a really good mascara and were pretty surprised when I told them they were actually false. To say I was pretty chuffed, is an understatement.
They were also really easy to pull off, which is exactly what you want when you're arriving home at 4am right?
When you spend 90% of your time in work it's nice to get dolled up for a night, even if it turns out to be a bad night but heyyyy my eye lashes were good right?
Sooooo to conclude - Eye Candy Strip Lashes are now my go to for a night out. I never knew how much of a difference false lashes could make to your look and the fact that these are so easy to apply makes them a real winner in my eyes.
(These lashes were sent to me to consider for review, this has not impacted my opinion of the lashes in the slightest. For my full disclaimer, click here.)


Sybil said...

those are beautiful and fab lashes! :D

Have a great weekend!
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Unknown said...

You look amazing. I love your hair like that.

Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

AforAlyce said...

These lashes look gorgeous! I love the fact that they look really natural on the eyes. :D


Lilliwhiterose said...

These sound brilliant. I tried false lashes before and it was a disaster so these could be the answer to my prayers :) They look fab on you! x

Sabiha said...

I wish I was good at applying false eyelashes I think for a night out they look amazing and make all the difference. These ones look fab x

Unknown said...

I love these lashes. They're so good! I've bought so many of these recently as well. Also that colour looks stunning on you! xx