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The List // August

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Tomorrow is September, which means - Autumn. Which means - my favourite time of year. September to December is the best time of year. The clothes are better (layers), the make up is better (berry shade lipsticks) and the fire is always that little bit more magical when the evenings are drawing in. My September at the 'mo is a little cray. I went from studying digital marketing, to it being cancelled, to me now (hopefully) studying web design. I've always wanted to learn how to design websites properly so I'm really excited for this change. I'm also going to take it as a year to not 'chill out' exactly, but to be a little less stressed? Is that even possible? Who knows, but here's to newer and better things, and a reflection of what I was loving in August.
Reading - I actually managed to read quite a lot this month. It was a bit of a personal challenge. I used to read all the time when I was younger, but over the last few years, I prioritized TV shows and social media and really, nothing beats a good book and I've really enjoyed losing myself in the pages of another world rather than the online drama of ours. Amazon had a fantastic sale on at the beginning of the month so I picked up quite a few kindle books for 99p. This month I finished reading 'The Duff', 'Go Set a Watchman', 'Down The Rabbit Hole' and 'Girl Boss'. Not too shabby.
Watching - The month of August was dedicated to binge watching 'Gilmore Girls' on netflix. I've never watched it before and I'm currently powering through season three. It's actually quite refreshing to watch a show that's just laid back with normal ~teen drama. I'm shipping Jess and Paris so hard tho. But he'll probably end up with Rory right?!? Ahhh nobody tell me.
aaannnd I think it goes without saying that i've also been glued to Great British Bake Off, right?
Movie wise, this month I absolutely loved 'Paper Towns'. It was just so chill and funny, and although it wasn't exactly a perfect book adaption, I liked that because the book was a little bleugh. The soundtrack was fabulous too. I'm really enjoying all these John Green adaptions. I work in a cinema so I tend to see all the movies that are currently out anyway, but 'Paper Towns' was the best of the month, hands down.

Listening - Vance Joy. I can't stop.
I think my family might be getting sick of his album. But I don't care, it's utter perfection.
I honestly didn't think I could love him anymore and then I heard him live. He is absolutely flawless live. He recently supported Taylor Swift here in Ireland and truth be told, I was more excited to catch him performing than I was for Taylor. I keep checking Ticketmaster for him to come up as 'playing near you'. But nothing.
Spotify is my addiction and I happily pay 12€ a month for the luxury of having it on the go. When you have an iPhone with limited with storage, it's a god send. So make sure you give me a cheeky follow. At the moment I'm currently getting into 'Halsey', I blame everyone I follow on Tumblr for that.

Needing - a whole new winter wardrobe. I'm not even sorry. It's practically October. I need new clothes, cranberry and berry everything please with a hint of monochrome. In the process of saving my dollaaas so I can go blow it all on an all day trip to Penneys in Dublin. Yasss.
Hating - SPIDERS. They are everywhere. I love this time of year, but I hate the little creepy crawly things it brings with it.
Loving - i've been loving the simpler things these last few weeks
  • Shorter evenings. Ahhhh winter is coming. 
  • Sighh designs - I have another sneaky order on the way, oops. 
  • Discounted books on amazon.
  • Instagram & Snapchat - I'm becoming a little more obsessed with the two of these (JesskaDenise).
  • Make up free days. Sometimes your skin just needs a break.
  • Coloring in for adults. This trend is blowing up right now across blogs and social media. Who would have thought at the ripe old age of 22, I'd be feeling less than 22 and more like my 5 year old self with coloring pencils in hand?
Septembering - getting back into the swing of routine and furthering my learning. Not going back to college this semester is a bittersweet feeling. For now, it's for the best but I'll miss the craic and lecturers and seeing everyone and just yano - giving out about college with your friends is fun.
What were you guys loving over August? I feel like I blinked and Summer is over. Crazy.


New In // Sighh Designs

sighh cartel
sighh designs blog post
sighh designs phone case
If you spend 99.9% of your time on Instagram like I do, then you've probably already come across 'Sighh Designs', the brain child of Polly Vadasz at least once or twice. All the cool kids of Instagram seem to be rocking her pretty funky phone cases and tote bags and sipping from her creative as fuck mugs, so I decided, in an attempt to be some what hip and cool and a little more broke than I already am, that I needed to make an order. Everything on 'Sighh' screams *buy me*. I need all of it.
I managed to restrain myself to the Lil' Cacti iPhone 6 case, the Arising Perfectionist case & art print, aaaaand some stickers, the stickers were completely impulsive because yano - may as well.
I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived the following Monday in the cutest envelope with a little 'thank you for ordering' style post card inside. I've been loving the cacti case a little too much, and the arising perfectionist art print serves as a little reminder each day.
Yasssss the items aren't the ~cheapest (skinnydip price rly), but they're great quality and you can tell Polly puts a lot of thought and passion into each of her designs, and all the designs are pretty on trend and aesthetically pleasing. Next on my wishlist is one of the totes, I don't know which tho ahhh.
Have any of you ordered from Sighh?? What did you think, comment below.


Eye Candy Strip Lashes & OOTN

eye candy false lashes
Let me start off by saying that these Eye Candy lashes*(disclaimer at bottom) are my first foray into the world of false lashes. Yes. I know. Madness. How, at the ripe old age of 22 have I never tried false lashes before? Especially as a girl who is obsessed with big lashes? I dunno, it just sort of happened that way but oh my god am I completely converted. I honestly never thought false lashes made that much of a difference. I also thought they'd be really hard to put on, but these Eye Candy ones? Idiot proof. Remember, I'm a beauty blogger - not a make up artist, I suck at basic make up skills. I have trouble with all the basics, winged liner, false nails, lipstick. Yes, lipstick. Laugh at me, do. I'm laughing at myself as I type this. But anywaaaay, these Eye Candy false lashes have essentially changed everything I thought I knew about false lashes.
eye candy false lashes no 12 review
false lashes for dummies
Having never applied false lashes before, I was pretty confident that I was going to screw these up.
I was afraid they might have been too long for my lash line and I would have to cut them, but they were actually the perfect size. If you did need to cut them however, I say it's easy enough.
I used a tweezers to line the strip to my lash to see if they were the correct size and when I confirmed this, I applied a tiny bit of the supplied applicator to the strip of lashes. Then the bit I feared most - sticking the lashes on. Again, trusty tweezers in hand, I carefully applied the strip just above my own lash, beginning from the inner corner and just sort of - winged it. They applied perfectly and I was surprised at just how easy they were to apply. The little bit of glue on the strip was easily hidden with some eyeliner and the strip blended in nicely with my own tiny lashes.
I followed the instructions on the box to a T and I managed to not mess it up. Hooray.
tally weijl longford
My friends and I went out a couple weeks back, and I decided to go the whole whack - false tan, false lashes, favourite dress (Tally Weijl yo). I went with the Eye Candy '12' lashes and the really completed my look. My favourite thing about them is just how natural they look. The inner lashes are quite small and discreet but the end of the lashes flare out to give a subtle hint of drama to your eyes. My friends thought they were just a really good mascara and were pretty surprised when I told them they were actually false. To say I was pretty chuffed, is an understatement.
They were also really easy to pull off, which is exactly what you want when you're arriving home at 4am right?
When you spend 90% of your time in work it's nice to get dolled up for a night, even if it turns out to be a bad night but heyyyy my eye lashes were good right?
Sooooo to conclude - Eye Candy Strip Lashes are now my go to for a night out. I never knew how much of a difference false lashes could make to your look and the fact that these are so easy to apply makes them a real winner in my eyes.
(These lashes were sent to me to consider for review, this has not impacted my opinion of the lashes in the slightest. For my full disclaimer, click here.)


NYC Photo Diary // Part Two

the mall central park
Okay guys, once again - picture heavy post. I just had so many pictures I wanted to share with you. I can't believe it's been two months since my trip. It feels like it was only yesterday and yet, it also feels like one big blur. I'm already planning my next trip away in November, Malta. So so excited. My cousins live over there and I haven't seen them in forever so it should be really fun. It's nice to have the countdown app on my iPhone counting down to something again. I've never been to Malta before so if any of you know of any cool//interesting places, do comment below :)
central park
central park gossip girl
On our last week we dedicated an entire day to Central Park. We (me) had a lot we wanted to see there from various movies and TV shows (Gossip Girl) and figured since it was one of the many freebies NYC had to offer, we may as well take an entire day for it, and honestly? Central Park was probably my favourite place in all of NYC that we saw. There's something about the park that's so peaceful and relaxing, strolling around taking in all the scenery with the skyline floating around you is just a whole other experience and one I just can't get out of my head. I imagine it looks ten times better in the fall. Which is also on my list - NYC in October. A/W is my favourite time of year so I'd like to squeeze in a visit around that time at some point.
The day we went to Central Park was also a great laugh because I got to meet up with one of my friends from college - Dami, who also happens to write a blog which you can find here.
We all had a great time just running around the subway, getting slightly lost on the way to Two Hands (post on that soon) and just taking pictures and 200 second snapchat stories which probably had most of our friends hating us.
jason derulo gma 2015
230 fifth rooftop bar
When we were in NY we also had the chance to see Jason Derulo perform on Good Morning America. Coolest thing ever. My friend Trina, has an amazing Aunt who hooked us up with two VIP passes which meant we got early entry and a front row view which was A++.
The concert was part of a summer series that GMA runs during the Summer in the middle of Central Park. You can even see us on Good Morning America, floating in the background. A little cringey when you watch back mind you, but not something everyone gets to do on their trip.
Trinas Aunt also brought us along to a rooftop bar, '230 Fifth'. It's the largest outdoor rooftop garden in NYC and had such a unique, upbeat, fun vibe. Not to forget - it had the prettiest view of NYC, and there's something just so magical about sitting on a rooftop, in the middle of New York freaking City, eating your dinner as the sun is setting and watching the lights from the city twinkle around you.
Two experiences I definitely won't forget in a hurry and I'm really thankful I got to experience.
I'm having serious post NYC sadness right now and I still have another two posts to go.



Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Review

vaseline cocoa radiant review
Confession : I'm a body moisturiser junkie. At this moment in time, I currently have about ten of them sitting around my room. I don't know whyyyyy I need so many, all I know is - I do. Anyone else like this?
I love a good body moisturiser. More importantly, I love a good cocoa scented moisturiser and thankfully, Vaseline delivers well on this.
I'm a massive fan of the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser (review here) and I've repurchased it again and again without hesitation. Completely disregarding the fact that the Vaseline Spray and Go 7€ a can and a little on the pricier end of the scale, but yano..... it is the ultimate lazy girl companion. But sadly, this lazy girl is on a very tight budget at the moment and I need to make cuts here and there, which is why I jumped for the original version of the spray and go (lotion lotion form) when I spotted it in Cara Pharmacy for €2.45.
vaseline moisturiser cocoa review
The Vaseline Cocoa Radiant lotion, smells exactly the same as the Vaseline Spray and Go version which is a win for me because I'm pretty darn obsessed with the scent alone. There's something about Vaseline cocoa scented products that stand out for me.
The lotion, although beautifully scented, isn't your go to lotion if you're in a hurry. It does take that little bit longer to soak into your skin than the spray and go but, I mean that's to be expected since the spray and go was purposely created for you to spray and, er, go. Personally, I feel like this actually moisturises my skin more than the spray and go. I think it's mostly because I'm applying more than I would than if I was using the spray, and yet, this squeeze bottle has lasted longer than my spray usually does :))
I like to apply a good layer when I get out of the shower, throw on a fluffy pair of pjs and let my skin soak up all the cocoa goodness. My skin feels soft, smooth and smells amazing!!
Bonus tip - I found adding a light layer of the Spray and Go on top of this really layers and intensifies the scents and allows it to linger longer on your skin a little longer.
Have any of you tried this? What did you think? Comment below.