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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

maybelline lash sensational review
maybelline mascara wand lash sensational
Mascara, mascara. Hands down my favourite beauty product. If I had to choose one beauty product that I couldn't live without - mascara would win every time. Mascara is my go to. I never leave the house without it. Running late? Mascara. On time? Lashings of mascara.
Recently, I've been using the Maybelline 'Lash Sensational' mascara and I've been dying to share my thoughts on it with you guys. It's a fairly newish mascara from Maybelline and really, Maybelline never go wrong with their mascaras. Some how, like magic, they always get it right?! Buuut, dare I say it - I actually hated this one when I first tried it.
(Yassss, the NYC photo diary is on the way, do not fear. I stupidly took over 300 photos, and now I must begin the long, harrowing task of picking which pics to use *see no evil emoji here*).
maybelline lash sensational demo
maybelline mascara make up face
After seeing these pictures I'm asking myself two things :
one - why didn't I take a before picture so you guys could truly see how much of a difference this mascara makes.
two - why on earth did my foundation photograph so cakey? It did not look like that in the flesh, trust me. Eeeep how awkward.
But onto the mascara - when I first bought the Maybelline 'Lash Sensational' mascara, I hated it. Yup. Hated! It applied really gloopy, no matter how little I tried to apply to my lash and for some unknown reason, the product ALWAYS transferred to my upper eye lid. It was like there was too much product on the lash and it needed somewhere else to go. Not a cute look when you're out and about. I'd liken my look at the time to upside down panda eyes. So so cute.
I got a little frustrated and as a result, I threw the 'Lash Sensational' mascara to the back of my make up drawer and tried to forget about it - until recently that is. I gave it a second chance and I'm so glad I did.
Since I last used it, the product seems to have dried up a little, it applies a lot better and doesn't transfer. It isn't 'dry' but just right. Before, it was just super liquidy. It's really hard to describe but it just wasn't ideal. Now, however, it applies perfectly. The wand, which was the main reason for me purchasing in the first place, has a really intense curve with smaller bristles on the inside which really helps lift the root of the lash and fan out your lashes. The edge of the wand has these amazing tiny little bristles which are perfect for reaching those stubborn lashes on the corner of your eyes. All without getting mascara on the corner of your nose - I'm a sloppy make up applier rly guyz.
Overall, I'm a massive fan of the Maybelline 'Lash Sensational' mascara. It gives my eye's a little bit of natural looking drama with the twirl of a wand. It's also super buildable for transitioning your look from day to night.
Have any of you tried this? What were your thoughts?


My Carry On Essentials

nyc travel essentials carry on blog
Guys, wow. It's been a long long time since I last posted on here. It wasn't intentional, just life got in the way. With the exception of quickly logging onto Facebook to upload some pictures from my trip to NYC, this is the first time I've turned on my laptop since the start of June. I'm surprised it turned on. I was semi-terrified it would have broken due to lack of use. But anywhooo, I'm back with a long overdue NYC carry on travel essentials. This post is picture heavy, you have been warned.
electronics for plane travelling
on board make up essentials
Our flight to NYC was the longest flight I've ever been on. Before NYC, the longest I'd ever spent on a plane was less than 3hrs, and it was to Northern Italy. Was I prepared for NYC? Yasss, absolutely. A little, too prepared as I ended up not needing half of this stuff as the onboard movies/tv shows and midway nap kept me more than occupied, thank you Delta.
Electronics : iPhone - goes without saying really doesn't it? iPod - because my iPhone has barely any storage and I needed access to any of my tunes, just incase. Back Up Charger - I assumed I wouldn't be able to charge my phone on board, I was wrong. Every iPhone user knows the struggle of a failing iPhone battery. I have this in my bag ALWAYS.
Beauty : I kept make up simple on the way over, I didn't want to be fluffing around with it too much and I wanted to look at least partially human upon arrival.
plane hand cream essentials
random plane carry ons
Random Items : a lot of these are just things I tend to keep in my regular handbag. Sanitizer, hand cream etc. The travel wipes are from aldi and came in pretty handy for wiping off make up swatches in Sephora throughout our trip. Not what I originally planned to use them for, but incredibly useful none the less. I also threw in travel sickness tablets because I'm lame and get travel sick over long distances (London was my learning experience). Gum and mints to stop ears popping, and a special k bar that went untouched because someone on the plane had a nut allergy and safety first yo!
carry on document holder
happy jackson document holder
The document holder was a gift from my friend Ellie and it was an absolute lifesaver. It made it so much easier to manage my visa, ticket, passport and money. Airports are stressful enough as it is so it was nice to have everything in one easy to access place that I could just carry in my hand till I was finished with them.
The little gold notebook is from Tesco, and contains four whole months of planning. My friend Trina and I each had one and they held everything from shopping lists to subway stops. We were ridiculously organised.
carry on bag primark
The carry on was a basic bag I picked up in Penneys a few weeks before our trip. I actually binned it in NYC rather than take it home because I needed the extra space for the shopping, aaaand I purchased a prettier bag (Michael Kors Selma ahhhhh) when I was over there.
My next post will be all NYC related so make sure you're following to see that :D or you can pop on over to my Instagram 'JesskaDenise' for a sneaky preview.