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Sunday Summary

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Truth be told, the majority of my Sunday was spent in work. I woke up this morning, edited blog pics, watched some Youtube videos, drank some coffee, studied and had a read of my kindle. All before I had to be in work at half 11. Productive? I think so.
I'm currently reading 'The Longest Ride' and I'm finding it so hard to get into. I'm eager to finish it before the movie is released and my friend keeps telling me it gets better but I dunnooo. I actually thought the movie would be released last month but work tells me it's not for a few more weeks (I work in a cinema if you didn't know) so it gives me more time to force myself into the book. The trailer looked really good so I'm going to power through and hope for the best.
If you guys have a book recommendation, do leave it in the comments, next on my list is 'The Duff' and after that I have nothing to read.
This Sunday summary is a bit of a cheat using iPhone pictures and Instagrams from the last week or two buuut I wanted to share these pics with you guys. Myself and previously mentioned friend went along to our new fav Barneys the other week for a bit of lunch and how nom does my friends cheeky dessert look? whilst planning our upcoming trip to NYC. Moment to appreciate how awkward of a customer I am? Vegetarian problems yo. But seriously, Barneys is legit the only place we go to other than Costa at the mo'.
We're in danger of od'ing on coffee before we even make it to New York, it's just over a month away too. It came around so fast, I can't believe we booked the tickets in January and now here we are.
Sadly my upcoming week will not be spent in Costa or Barneys but rather, it will be spent studying for exams, ignoring all social callings, blogging and the odd Netflix binge to restore sanity.
Wish me luck guys.


Heather Nixon said...

Good look with your exams!

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

lovely pics! and good luck for your exams!

Fatima said...

You should read the series call " Pretty little lairs " it's also a tv show

Unknown said...

Lovely Sunday summary!I've been meaning to go see 'The Duff' for a while now, perhaps I'll read the book first :)

Unknown said...
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