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Primark OOTD & Balayage

brunette balayage hair
If you follow me on Instagram (JesskaDenise) you will have seen this little OOTD already, buuut I really wanted to share it on the blog too.
The top is a bodycon polo neck from Primark/Penneys. It's actually the same as the striped one in my 'Business Casual Outfit Ideas' post from last week (read here). I love it and it fits so well beneath my completely over worn tartan skater skirt, also from Primark. I was a little weary about buying it at first because it's a polo neck and they freak me out because I feel like I'm suffocating but it's actually so so comfy and doesn't feel tight around your neck at all. Omg I am so weird but seriously, I'm sure some of you know what I mean?!?
Naturally, it's like 12 degrees here in Ireland so a simple cardigan is kind of essential. I got this one from Tally Weijl for 15€ a few weeks ago and I basically live in it now. It's very similar in style to the super pricey Brandy Melville ones I've seen doing the rounds on Youtube so really it was an absolute bargain. I got a charcoally kind of color but it comes in black, white, grey and there's a striped one. It has pockets too which is a real selling point.
primark fairy lights bedroom
I also have a new edition to my room - clothes peg fairy lights from Primark. Aren't they adorable?! I'm not sure whether I'm going to leave them draped over my mirror or pin them to my wall and use the pegs to hold Polaroid pictures? I've seen a few Youtubers doing something similar and it looks so cute (I watch a lot of Youtube okay?). Having them draped around the mirror adds some nice lighting for selfies and outfit pics tho so I'm maybe//possibly//considering buying another set.....they're only 7€. Ahh decisions, decisions.
You may have noticed that I lightened my hair :D I got a little balayage done during the week. I love it, it's still dark around the back, but the front is lightened and looks a little more sun kissed. I got it done in Trevor Francis in Longford and honestly, I would never go anywhere else to get my hair dyed or cut. The girl (Ava) who does my hair is literally a life saver. I went in to Trevor Francis last Summer to get my disastrous ombre fixed and I've been going back ever since to get my hair done. Pretty bold statement from me because I am so so picky about my hair and who does it. I hate every other salon in Longford, it's either always cut too short or never washed right but the girls in Trevor Francis really take the time to discuss what you want and how much to take off your hair.
I brought in a few pictures of how I wanted the balayage to look and the two girls took the time to figure out how they were going to do it and what way was best. I was uber impressed.
If you're ever looking for a salon in Longford, I highly recommend Trevor Francis.
Went on a bit of a tangent there but yasss balayage = good, which = happy Jess.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Helen said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love the red skirt!! <3

* Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


Charlotte Lisa said...

You're so stunning! I love the fairy lights too - will have to hunt some down now!

Heather Nixon said...

I love your outfit x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

Наталия Годунова said...

you have a very nice blog ! Do you want to follow each other ? let me know and I 'll follow back ;-)))

Francesca | said...
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Francesca | said...

Love the outfit! And the fairy lights are adorable, too! I haven't seen them in primark, I'll have to keep an eye out from now on...!
I just did my own balyage at home, it looks nowhere new as good as yours, though!
Francesca | on-the bias | fashion, lifestyle, beauty xx

Unknown said...

Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous I have complete envy, my hair is like a haystack so I might have to have a little cjop and balyage! Love your outfit too, very cute hun xxx

Makeup Monster said...

Those lights are adorable!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful outfit. and you look amazing as always x

Shireen L. Platt said...

You look absolutely gorgeous and I would say use the fairy light to clip polaroids! xx

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

alice said...

I love your tartan skater skirt, and those fairy lights are sooo cute! I actually bought some fairy lights from Primark today, gutted they didn't have those ones cos I definitely would have gotten them!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

Ellie Burns said...

your skirt, loooooooove!

Lucyy Writes said...

Firstly I love your skirt and secondly how cute are those lights!? I've never come across such adorable fairy lights.
Lucy at Lucyy Writes