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Essie Romper Room

As if I didn't already have too many Essie nail polishes, along comes 'Romper Room' from the Essie Spring 2014 'Hide and Go Chic' collection to grow my collection. I was browsing through Boots after college one day (as you do) looking for a pink nail polish similar to one I saw Meghan Rienks wearing in a Youtube video, when 'Romper Room' caught my eye. It was exactly what I was looking for. The perfect girly nude pink. It's kind of sickeningly girly. But I love it.
I'm an Essieholic and even though their nail polishes are RIDICULOUSLY priced (9.99 *cries*), I think you really get what you pay for and their polishes tend to be pretty great quality.
3 for 2 was on too so that did enough selling for me and my need for other products.
What I like about 'Romper Room' is that, unlike other nude/girly pink nail polishes, it doesn't streak upon application and doesn't require four to five coats to buildup the color. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my nails so I like that I only needed two coats before it's truly opaque and smooth. The pictures are 'Romper Room' with two coats only and ah excuse my messy application, despite the excellent brush that Essie provides (covers the whole nail perfectly and easy to grip), I still manage to screw it up.
Other bonus points with 'Romper Room'? It dries super quick. Like really quick. Way quicker than I thought especially because the formula is quite thick and gloopy and I half expected to smudge them instantly. Ultimate win for me because I really don't have the patience to be sitting around waiting for my nails to dry.
I managed to get a good three to four days out of 'Romper Room' before I needed to take it off for work but as far as nudish pink's go, it was pretty durable and didn't chip at all.
I'd also like to point out that if you're a fan of Essie's nail polish 'Fiji' but tire of how many coats you need to apply to build an actual color, then I definitely recommend you try 'Romper Room' out because the two shades are pretty similar, only 'Romper Room' is a little on the warmer side and yano, it only needs two coats to build a color. 'Fiji' is pretty and all but aint nobody got time for that!
'Romper Room' is currently my go to nail polish and I've gotten several compliments on it because not that I'm biased or anything but it is quite pretty and it compliments pale skin quite well.
What do you guys think? 'Romper Room' or 'Fiji'? or are you more of a black statement nail?


Lilliwhiterose said...

Love it and definitely my type of pink!! I haven't tried many of the polishes from Essie but this one is a must by the looks of it x

Fatima said...

Pretty 💜

Unknown said...

I totally agree about most pinks. I purchased a baby pink from models own and it's very similar to this. However, it's gloopy and does not dry quick enough so I may have to give this a go!

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Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

gorgeous colour! i just recently got a similar pink myself (an nyc polish) and have just put it on this evening!