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Business Casual Presentation Outfit Ideas

business casual college presentation ideas
There comes a time in every college students life when they will be faced with the dreaded end of semester presentation. I would like to think I have the whole college presentation down at this stage in my academic life, I've done enough of them. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to stay calm, I always end up a frantic mess, forget how to breathe and end up racing through my presentation and forgetting everything I had planned on saying. Is it me or do those 5mins just go on for-ever?
Although I may fail at presenting, I think I have the whole presentation dress code down to a t at this stage.
I'm a massive fan of dressing up for presentations, I love the challenge. It's not something you get to wear everyday and it takes me out of my comfort zone a little. Sad, I knooow.
Before third year came to an end we had the pleasure of doing two presentations and I thought I would share with you guys some outfit ideas that you may be able to draw inspiration from and use for your own presentations.
Remember, your lecturer isn't only judging the information you're giving them, but also how you present yourself and for me, it's important to inject a bit of personality to the 'business casual' dress code and not lose myself in a frumpy suit like most people seem to default to.
college presentation style
For presentation uno, I decided to (unintentionally) role up in 90% Topshop. I kept the overall look quite simple with black tights and pumps from Primark and a slight bouffant hairstyle. Heels, would have been way too much for college. The code was casual after all ;)
The skirt and shirt still touched on the 'business' side of things but the leopard print and flowyness of the shirt kept it quite causal whilst also keeping in line with my personality and personal style.
For me, I wouldn't be comfortable presenting in suit trousers and jacket. I'd feel awkward and out of my comfort zone so I think you need to consider that when choosing what to wear for a college presentation.
Especially if you're like me and you struggle really badly with nerves and public speaking. Comfort is all that matters at the end of the day. Once you're comfortable in yourself it takes away some of those nervous jitters.
business causal style
primark crop top stripes
new balance runners blog
Final Presentation, was our business group presentation and I wanted to reflect our 'fun', 'chill' business concept whilst also looking professional and minimalist.
I went for a Warehouse blazer thrown over a Primark stripey top, some cropped cigarette pants from Primark and my New Balance runners from JD Sports. I also have those pants in black, and guys, they are so so comfy and only 8€!! Bargain. The top isn't actually a crop top, I rolled it up slightly because it's actually really long and I think it worked better cropped.
I kept hair simple going for a sleek high ponytail and make up was basic.
The best thing about these looks is, although they're slightly more dressy, you can get away with wearing them around college all day too without looking too out of place.

Do you guys have a go to look when it comes to college presentations or do you like to play it safe?


Miss Emma Charlotte said...

Absolutely love these looks! I hope your presentation went well

X Emma |

Amy - Salt and Chic said...

I love both of these outfits! // UK Fashion Blog

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SprinklesofStyle said...

Love these looks - absolutely gorgeous and love how you've gone from one to the other - both effortless yet chic! :)

Layla xx

Unknown said...

I adore both of these but that leopard skirt is so swoon worthy, great style xxx

Mia Morsy said...

Gorgeous outfits, I love the leopard print skirt! :)
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PrimadonnaGlamGirl said...

Love both outfits!! super cute!! xx

Ellie Burns said...

i waaaant your leopard skirt! awesome outfits x

Fatima said...

Great post all great outfits ! Good luck on your presentations!