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April Favourites

Can you guys believe it's already May? The year is passing by so quickly, I feel like Christmas was only yesterday, it's kind of scary. But anywaaaay, I've been loving a few things so much over April that I thought I would pass on my love of them to you guys.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - I've recently rekindled my addiction with this mascara after completely forgetting about it's existence. It's the perfect mascara for an everyday natural look. Yanooo,  the days where you don't want to look like you have a full face of make up on and you are in fact capable of achieving a more 'au natural' look? Yeh, those days. I find this mascara is perfect for enhancing your eyelash and giving you more of a toned down natural look.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - My skin was all over the place in April (temporarily went off acne meds which resulted in super oily skin) and I needed something that would stop my face looking super shiny and hold my foundation in place. My friend recommended I try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade 'translucent' and it's worked a charm. Oily forehead and chin are now under control and I'm not worrying about my face dripping off. We've all been there.....right?
Mac Velvet Teddy - I blame Kylie Jenner for this. Her lips are a love em or hate em thing at the mo' and personally, I love them. I spent most of April trying to achieve the perfect nude pout and Velvet Teddy came to my rescue. It's just about replaced all of my other lipsticks as my 'go to'. It has this stunning matte finish that you can easily gloss up with a nude pink lipbalm for that extra bit of moisture if you suffer from dry lips from time to time like I do.
Viva La Jucy - Ohhhh, a perfume favourite. Pretty random but, my friend Ellie and I decided to buy these mini bottles of the original Juicy perfume as a 'treat yo self' kind of thing for finishing college and because well, in the iconic words of Jamie & Holly -> don't we deserve?
That's what we told ourselves anyway. I love the smell of this perfume so much, it's kind of hard to describe but it's like a fun fruity floral scent, very playful and girly. I've made my way through a pretty hefty chunk of the bottle too so I'm thinking I may need to invest in a bigger bottle, pronto.
It's the perfect spring/summer scent and despite the amount I've been using it, I haven't grown tired of it yet.
MeMeMe Cosmetics Concealer* - This concealer managed to creep it's way into my faves near the end of April, I've always found it hard to find the perfect concealer for my skin tone but I think I may have found it in this. I have a whole post coming up on this concealer soon so I won't say anymore but trust me, if you're a pale girl like myself, you will want this in your life.

So there's my beauty favorites for April. I tried to keep things simple for myself last month, I'm on a hard quest to clear up my skin for NYC so I've been using the bare minimum when necessary.
What did you guys obsess over for April? Comment below and share your obsessions.


Ariadna said...

Love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder! I've been using it for years and it's the best powder I've ever tried! x

Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

i just got velvet teddy last week & i love it! i would never have picked the colour myself (again the kylie jenner influence!). sometimes i dab a little of the tanya burr lipgloss champagne toast over it for a bit of shine!

Sybil said...

yay for velvet teddy!! i like that juicy perfume too! :D

Have a great week!
Animated Confessions

Unknown said...

Velvet Teddy looks so perfect!
xprincessjas | ♥

Ellie Burns said...

velvet teddy, i waaaaaaaaant! x

maireem said...

Love the mascara!

Fatima said...

Great Apirl favorites ! I used to love my juicy cotour perfume but now I can't even stand to smell it 😢

Emily said...

I love S&G thick and fast! I also really want to try Velvet Teddy but every time i try to buy it it's out of stock :(.

Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


Makeup Monster said...

That perfume is one of my all time favourites, adore it!