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Primark OOTD & Balayage

brunette balayage hair
If you follow me on Instagram (JesskaDenise) you will have seen this little OOTD already, buuut I really wanted to share it on the blog too.
The top is a bodycon polo neck from Primark/Penneys. It's actually the same as the striped one in my 'Business Casual Outfit Ideas' post from last week (read here). I love it and it fits so well beneath my completely over worn tartan skater skirt, also from Primark. I was a little weary about buying it at first because it's a polo neck and they freak me out because I feel like I'm suffocating but it's actually so so comfy and doesn't feel tight around your neck at all. Omg I am so weird but seriously, I'm sure some of you know what I mean?!?
Naturally, it's like 12 degrees here in Ireland so a simple cardigan is kind of essential. I got this one from Tally Weijl for 15€ a few weeks ago and I basically live in it now. It's very similar in style to the super pricey Brandy Melville ones I've seen doing the rounds on Youtube so really it was an absolute bargain. I got a charcoally kind of color but it comes in black, white, grey and there's a striped one. It has pockets too which is a real selling point.
primark fairy lights bedroom
I also have a new edition to my room - clothes peg fairy lights from Primark. Aren't they adorable?! I'm not sure whether I'm going to leave them draped over my mirror or pin them to my wall and use the pegs to hold Polaroid pictures? I've seen a few Youtubers doing something similar and it looks so cute (I watch a lot of Youtube okay?). Having them draped around the mirror adds some nice lighting for selfies and outfit pics tho so I'm maybe//possibly//considering buying another set.....they're only 7€. Ahh decisions, decisions.
You may have noticed that I lightened my hair :D I got a little balayage done during the week. I love it, it's still dark around the back, but the front is lightened and looks a little more sun kissed. I got it done in Trevor Francis in Longford and honestly, I would never go anywhere else to get my hair dyed or cut. The girl (Ava) who does my hair is literally a life saver. I went in to Trevor Francis last Summer to get my disastrous ombre fixed and I've been going back ever since to get my hair done. Pretty bold statement from me because I am so so picky about my hair and who does it. I hate every other salon in Longford, it's either always cut too short or never washed right but the girls in Trevor Francis really take the time to discuss what you want and how much to take off your hair.
I brought in a few pictures of how I wanted the balayage to look and the two girls took the time to figure out how they were going to do it and what way was best. I was uber impressed.
If you're ever looking for a salon in Longford, I highly recommend Trevor Francis.
Went on a bit of a tangent there but yasss balayage = good, which = happy Jess.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Sephora Wishlist

sephora wishlist blog
1. Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner // Shade + Light Contour Palette.
2. Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Palette.
3. Tarte - Deluxe Cheek Stain // Amazonian Clay Blush.
4. Anastasia - Brow Wiz.
5. Bumble and Bumble - Surf Spray.
Just in case I haven't mentioned it enough in my day to day life and via social media, I'm going to New York in 18 freaking days. That's just a little over two weeks. That is freaking cray cray. We booked the tickets way back in January, and now it's here. I feel like we blinked and now it's just around the corner. In the last couple of months we semi curbed our completely reckless spending and somehow managed to save up some $$$$$. Our eyes, are fixed on one store only and that store is none other than, (yeh, you guessed it) - Sephora. *queue angels singing*. Yass, I'm excited to enter the heaven, the holy alter, the dream, that is Sephora. My wishlist is long. It may be, .. too long but yano what?! I look forward to blowing my hard earned cash on items that I on some deep (very deep) level, could probably live without, but for some reason, feel like I can't.
This isn't my entire Sephora wishlist, I have a few more things from Anastasia (lipstickss) that I kind of fancy that aren't on the website which has me a little worried, but it's okay, we'll deal with that issue when it comes to it. I also have a whole drugstore wishlist, consisting of absolutely everything from the L'oreal Infallible collection. I've had my eye on the setting spray for weeks now, I may buy two. Wow am I going to go wild or what? This isn't even thinking about clothes from Victora Secret or Pacsun and all the bath things I'm going to buy in Bath and Body Works. Pray for me and my overweight suitcase please?
Do you guys have any must haves from Sephora?? I feel like I'm missing some big item but idk.


Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Review

max factor seductive pink review
max factor creme puff blush
irish beauty blog
max factor blush review
max factor creme puff review blog
The Max Factor creme puff blushes have proven quite popular amongst many of my fellow Irish bloggers. Personally, I never really look at the Max Factor stand, I don't know why but I always think of their products as boring and over priced and their pan stick gives me horrific flashbacks to my early make up days - orange face, white neck anybody? Not cute. But that recently changed with the release of the creme puff blushes, with their uncanny similarity to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes and the Milani baked blushes, both of which I've been dying to try.
Many have said the creme puff blushes are a great dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes, and considering the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes are 30€+ and the Max Factor creme puff blush is 11.49€ I needed no convincing to go out and buy.
Firstly, I like the packaging. It's unlike Max Factors typical straight up black packaging. It's lightweight, compact and the splash of gold adds an element of luxury to an otherwise low scale drugstore product.
I went for the shade 'Seductive Pink' which is a lovely natural pink shade swirled together with a more subtle orangey/brown which compliments my pale skin beautifully. The combination of the pink with the shimmery undertones gives a nice highlight to my cheekbone as well as giving it a lovely natural flush of color.
Baked blushes differ from regular blushes as they give more pigment and I definitely think this is true when comparing this creme puff blush to my other 'normal' blushes. The lightest tip of your brush against the blush gives a real natural effect which is completely buildable depending on your personal taste and whether you're wearing this as part of a day time or night time look. It blends quite easily which is great because I'm not great at applying blush and some times I need to blend blend blend.
Overall, I really like this Max Factor creme puff blush and it's been my go to blush for the last couple of weeks. It's natural looking, heavily pigmented and the marble effect makes it look way pricier than it actually is.
If you're looking for a nice blush that adds a little highlight as well as a pop of colour, then I definitely recommend you try out one of the Max Factor creme puff blushes.
I just wish you luck when it comes to picking out a shade as they're all really pretty.


Business Casual Presentation Outfit Ideas

business casual college presentation ideas
There comes a time in every college students life when they will be faced with the dreaded end of semester presentation. I would like to think I have the whole college presentation down at this stage in my academic life, I've done enough of them. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to stay calm, I always end up a frantic mess, forget how to breathe and end up racing through my presentation and forgetting everything I had planned on saying. Is it me or do those 5mins just go on for-ever?
Although I may fail at presenting, I think I have the whole presentation dress code down to a t at this stage.
I'm a massive fan of dressing up for presentations, I love the challenge. It's not something you get to wear everyday and it takes me out of my comfort zone a little. Sad, I knooow.
Before third year came to an end we had the pleasure of doing two presentations and I thought I would share with you guys some outfit ideas that you may be able to draw inspiration from and use for your own presentations.
Remember, your lecturer isn't only judging the information you're giving them, but also how you present yourself and for me, it's important to inject a bit of personality to the 'business casual' dress code and not lose myself in a frumpy suit like most people seem to default to.
college presentation style
For presentation uno, I decided to (unintentionally) role up in 90% Topshop. I kept the overall look quite simple with black tights and pumps from Primark and a slight bouffant hairstyle. Heels, would have been way too much for college. The code was casual after all ;)
The skirt and shirt still touched on the 'business' side of things but the leopard print and flowyness of the shirt kept it quite causal whilst also keeping in line with my personality and personal style.
For me, I wouldn't be comfortable presenting in suit trousers and jacket. I'd feel awkward and out of my comfort zone so I think you need to consider that when choosing what to wear for a college presentation.
Especially if you're like me and you struggle really badly with nerves and public speaking. Comfort is all that matters at the end of the day. Once you're comfortable in yourself it takes away some of those nervous jitters.
business causal style
primark crop top stripes
new balance runners blog
Final Presentation, was our business group presentation and I wanted to reflect our 'fun', 'chill' business concept whilst also looking professional and minimalist.
I went for a Warehouse blazer thrown over a Primark stripey top, some cropped cigarette pants from Primark and my New Balance runners from JD Sports. I also have those pants in black, and guys, they are so so comfy and only 8€!! Bargain. The top isn't actually a crop top, I rolled it up slightly because it's actually really long and I think it worked better cropped.
I kept hair simple going for a sleek high ponytail and make up was basic.
The best thing about these looks is, although they're slightly more dressy, you can get away with wearing them around college all day too without looking too out of place.

Do you guys have a go to look when it comes to college presentations or do you like to play it safe?


Essie Romper Room

As if I didn't already have too many Essie nail polishes, along comes 'Romper Room' from the Essie Spring 2014 'Hide and Go Chic' collection to grow my collection. I was browsing through Boots after college one day (as you do) looking for a pink nail polish similar to one I saw Meghan Rienks wearing in a Youtube video, when 'Romper Room' caught my eye. It was exactly what I was looking for. The perfect girly nude pink. It's kind of sickeningly girly. But I love it.
I'm an Essieholic and even though their nail polishes are RIDICULOUSLY priced (9.99 *cries*), I think you really get what you pay for and their polishes tend to be pretty great quality.
3 for 2 was on too so that did enough selling for me and my need for other products.
What I like about 'Romper Room' is that, unlike other nude/girly pink nail polishes, it doesn't streak upon application and doesn't require four to five coats to buildup the color. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my nails so I like that I only needed two coats before it's truly opaque and smooth. The pictures are 'Romper Room' with two coats only and ah excuse my messy application, despite the excellent brush that Essie provides (covers the whole nail perfectly and easy to grip), I still manage to screw it up.
Other bonus points with 'Romper Room'? It dries super quick. Like really quick. Way quicker than I thought especially because the formula is quite thick and gloopy and I half expected to smudge them instantly. Ultimate win for me because I really don't have the patience to be sitting around waiting for my nails to dry.
I managed to get a good three to four days out of 'Romper Room' before I needed to take it off for work but as far as nudish pink's go, it was pretty durable and didn't chip at all.
I'd also like to point out that if you're a fan of Essie's nail polish 'Fiji' but tire of how many coats you need to apply to build an actual color, then I definitely recommend you try 'Romper Room' out because the two shades are pretty similar, only 'Romper Room' is a little on the warmer side and yano, it only needs two coats to build a color. 'Fiji' is pretty and all but aint nobody got time for that!
'Romper Room' is currently my go to nail polish and I've gotten several compliments on it because not that I'm biased or anything but it is quite pretty and it compliments pale skin quite well.
What do you guys think? 'Romper Room' or 'Fiji'? or are you more of a black statement nail?


April Favourites

Can you guys believe it's already May? The year is passing by so quickly, I feel like Christmas was only yesterday, it's kind of scary. But anywaaaay, I've been loving a few things so much over April that I thought I would pass on my love of them to you guys.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - I've recently rekindled my addiction with this mascara after completely forgetting about it's existence. It's the perfect mascara for an everyday natural look. Yanooo,  the days where you don't want to look like you have a full face of make up on and you are in fact capable of achieving a more 'au natural' look? Yeh, those days. I find this mascara is perfect for enhancing your eyelash and giving you more of a toned down natural look.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - My skin was all over the place in April (temporarily went off acne meds which resulted in super oily skin) and I needed something that would stop my face looking super shiny and hold my foundation in place. My friend recommended I try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade 'translucent' and it's worked a charm. Oily forehead and chin are now under control and I'm not worrying about my face dripping off. We've all been there.....right?
Mac Velvet Teddy - I blame Kylie Jenner for this. Her lips are a love em or hate em thing at the mo' and personally, I love them. I spent most of April trying to achieve the perfect nude pout and Velvet Teddy came to my rescue. It's just about replaced all of my other lipsticks as my 'go to'. It has this stunning matte finish that you can easily gloss up with a nude pink lipbalm for that extra bit of moisture if you suffer from dry lips from time to time like I do.
Viva La Jucy - Ohhhh, a perfume favourite. Pretty random but, my friend Ellie and I decided to buy these mini bottles of the original Juicy perfume as a 'treat yo self' kind of thing for finishing college and because well, in the iconic words of Jamie & Holly -> don't we deserve?
That's what we told ourselves anyway. I love the smell of this perfume so much, it's kind of hard to describe but it's like a fun fruity floral scent, very playful and girly. I've made my way through a pretty hefty chunk of the bottle too so I'm thinking I may need to invest in a bigger bottle, pronto.
It's the perfect spring/summer scent and despite the amount I've been using it, I haven't grown tired of it yet.
MeMeMe Cosmetics Concealer* - This concealer managed to creep it's way into my faves near the end of April, I've always found it hard to find the perfect concealer for my skin tone but I think I may have found it in this. I have a whole post coming up on this concealer soon so I won't say anymore but trust me, if you're a pale girl like myself, you will want this in your life.

So there's my beauty favorites for April. I tried to keep things simple for myself last month, I'm on a hard quest to clear up my skin for NYC so I've been using the bare minimum when necessary.
What did you guys obsess over for April? Comment below and share your obsessions.