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Blog readers? Are you guys still here? Eeep *insert relevant emoji here*, I cannot believe it's been nearly over a month since I last posted on here. It wasn't intentional. But somewhere along the way life became a little busy. So busy that I even stopped using Twitter and Instagram for over a week and fell behind on all my shows. College work took up a lot of my time in the last three weeks and college comes first in the grand scale of things.
I actually didn't even realise how badly I had been neglecting my small corner of the internet until a friend said to me 'Jess, it's been a while since you blogged, whats the deal?' Some times I think my friends are my only readers, and then something exciting happens like getting long listed for an Irish Beauty Blog Award (thanks so much for the noms btw) and I remember that there's more people than my family and friends who actually read this and I should stop being so spacey.
So here I am, with my tail between my legs, asking you guys for some sort of forgiveness for completely dropping off the face of my blog and to let you know that I have so many new posts on the way and I'm excited to share my life with you guys again. I even have a fancy smancy new camera which makes taking pictures a whole lot easier too.
Also, I'm heading to NYC in about a month!! A freaking month, that's insane, it came around so quickly. I'm trying not to panic. My first long haul flight, first time out of Europe and I have no idea how much $$$$$ I need to bring. Ahhhh. If you guys have some tips or a guesstimate of how much I should bring, do leave a comment below.
Over and out guys, over and out.


Lilliwhiterose said...

Great that you are back blogging and congrats on being nominated. Enjoy New York too :)

Makeup Monster said...

Oh NYC sounds very exciting!

Fatima said...

Have a amazing time in NYC!