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Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control

deodrant for stressful times
(Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control*)
Exams are approaching, they're approaching fast guys. If you're in leaving cert you probably have another few weeks of procrastination ahead of yourself but if you're like me and you're a barely functioning third year digital marketing student, then your exams are just a little under a week away. Typing that makes it seem a little more ~real and like maybe I should be studying instead of doing this blog post to help you fight sweat during your exams.
My idea of exam procrastination is opening my Google Doc of exam questions which is shared with my friend Ellie, formatting it so it's just so, and thennnnn binge watching the final season of GLEE. Oh dear, you know it's bad if you're voluntarily watching GLEE.
But anyway, the point of this post - exam stress. I'm more of a calm and collected student leading up to exams, yano, forget they're even a thing (it's not Summer yet Jess, exams are next week not the week after like you thought ah) but in the hours before I'm a hot mess. So cute. Even more cute? I'm a sweaty hot mess. There, I said it. Delightful, I know. It's only when I'm stressed tho.
But that's where the new Sure Maximum Protection 'Stress Control' antiperspirant comes in. Specifically created for those anxious moments, Sure Maximum Protection 'Stress Control' helps protect against sweat and odour which is often caused in stressful or high pressure situations ie. exam time and nobody wants to be a smelly hot mess during their exams.
sure maximum protection stress control trisolid formula
The Sure Maximum Protection range is two times stronger than the next leading antiperspirant which makes the Stress Control version my perfect go to for stressful situations like college presentations, exams and work. I apply Sure Stress Control first thing in the morning and then I'm safe to go about my day without worrying that I'm a smelly sweaty mess. I feel protected and confident and free to stress about all the other things.
The instructions on the back say you can use it before going to bed to allow for maximum protection and that it will last through a shower and for up to 48hrs. Honestly, I don't know if this is true, I apply every morning like I would with any other antiperspirant, but have found I didn't feel the need to reapply throughout the day like I usually do with my Dove roll on.
The Stress Control version has a very distinct fresh lavender scent. It's nothing overpowering and it doesn't linger on your skin but it's very heavy when you're actually applying it. Personally, I hate it because I hate hate hate lavender but like I said, it doesn't linger so it's not really an issue. 
sure maximum protection stress control review
What I like about the Sure Maximum Protection range is, it's unlike other antiperspirants. Where other antiperspirants tend to be a spray/roll on, the Sure Maximum Protection range is a cream which comes in a twisty container. You twist the bottom of the container and the cream comes through the holes at the top which is great because you fully control how much of the product you're using.
I especially like that Sure Stress Control is a creamy consistency because I feel like not only is it helping protect me from those nasty little sweat patches (we're all human), but the TRIsolid technology is also helping to moisturize my delicate underarm areas. An area which I always kind of forget about when it comes to my hardcore body butter seshs. 
Overall, I really like the Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control antiperspirant and I'm eager to try the other versions from the range. Especially because they're quite compact and so easy to throw into my college bag, just in case I overly stress the exams and do in fact start to sweat to death. Unlikely, I know but naassssttyy. What do you guys think? Do you have exams coming up, do you think you need this in yo life? Comment below and let me know.

*This product was sent to me to consider for review, this has not impacted my opinion in any way, you can read my full disclaimer here.
The Sure Maximum Protection range is available nationwide, prices range from 6.99€.



jess said...

OMG this is insanely cool! I would have never known this existed thanks so much! My first exam is next Monday ahhhhh! Good luck with yours xx

Elle said...

I am such a fan of the Sure range, i think they make the best products for making you feel fresh and trusting that you'll stay "sweat-free" all day (what a sexy phrase, ha!) Great post hun!


Lily PSB said...

Sure are amazing and I've never heard of anything like this x

Yours Truly, NY said...

Best of luck with your exams!! I definitely need this.
Yours Truly, NY

Lilliwhiterose said...

I love cream deodorants they make a big difference. I like the smell of lavender so I'm going to check this out! Best of luck with your exams x

Lucyy Writes said...

I'm on my second of this deodrant now! I can't decide if I like the scent or not but I have to agree on the moisturising my underarms point. :p
Lucy at Lucyy Writes