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Barneys Restaurant Longford

barneys restaurant longford
In my little old town of Longford in the heart of the midlands, a new restaurant (Barneys) has opened above one of my favorite places, Cara Pharmacy. Fellow Longfordians can find Barneys where Kellehers bar and restaurant used to be.
My friend and I have been dying to try it out since we heard pancakes were on the menu. We're suckers for pancakes and went along Friday morning before we did our usual shop circuit to see what it was all about. Can't hit the shops on an empty stomach after all!
Be warned, it was pretty delicious and you may drool at the below photos of our breakfasts and find yourself wanting to hit Barneys restaurant as soon as you can.
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As you might have been able to tell from the pictures, I opted out of the pancakes in favor of some waffles. My friend Trina went for the pancakes. We figured, we both wanted to try the two and if we got each and shared, we'd know for future reference which was our fave. I dunno about you guys, but I really think I got the better deal. The waffles and the pancakes were as far as I can remember the same price (7.95) and I definitely got value for money. The waffles were a little on the crunchy side for my liking but I really enjoyed them, and they're going to be my go to in Barneys.
The pancakes fell a little flat (oh ho ho I'm so funny), in comparison.  Bad choice Trina ;) They do come with bacon on the side which obviously bumps them up a bit, but Trina asked for no bacon and the waitress said she could get another pancake if she liked but I dunno I just thought it was a little empty looking compared to my mountain of waffles and the extra pancake could have been put on top anyway like. I'm vegetarian so if I was going for the pancakes myself I would opt for no bacon too. Trina said they were delicious and although I only had a tiny bit of her pancake I thought they were nice too. They were no waffles, I'm all about the waffles. The waitress even commented on how 'Instagram worthy' they were. Damn right. I couldn't find Barneys on Instagram (so much potential for an Insta competition going to waste, online promo yo) but they are on Twitter if you want to take a snoop @BarneysLongford.
We also got some coffee, americano for moi, cappuccino for Trina and a birdseye view of the main street for creeping purposes.
We loved Barneys so much that we're actually heading back in for some (you guessed it) waffles in the morning before we head off to work. My mouth is watering at the thought. Oh my.
So yeh, if you're looking for a chilled out place to eat in Longford that isn't madly priced and has nice staff and a lovely athmosphere and the best creeping spot in the whole town, then Barneys is the place for you. We'll eventually try the lunch menu and dinner menu, but for now with our busy schedules, we're all about that breakfast at Barneys.


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