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Boots Haul

boots haul march 2015
Is this a Boots haul of things I potentially didn't need but bought anyway? Yes, yes it is. Hi, my name is Jess and I'm a shopaholic. I'm also a shopaholic who is now on a spending ban considering my impending trip to NYC in June, where I shall resume my shopaholic ways. I really need to get saving because two weeks in New York is going to be kind of pricey. I have my eye on some things in Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Sephora and I'm thinking that maybe I might splurge on some UGGs over there?? The dollar is at the lowest it's ever been so we're thinking of changing some of our money now in case it drops even lower. It's dropped 6 cent since the first time I looked, two weeks ago. No joke but this always happens us, the pound dropped to it's lowest when we went to London three years ago so I'm thinking we're cursed. If you guys have any NYC dollaaa tips, lemme know, I'm used to Europe and our Euro so I'm clueless really. Anyway, onto the haul.
makeup haul
max factor creme puff blush
This haul is pretty restrained actually, go me. It doesn't show the few things I got in Primark (sports bra, plastic cup with straw thingy, PJs...) or the Aussie dry shampoo (review here) I bought but yeh, let's pretend they didn't happen and move onwards shall we?
I picked up a Real Techniques foundation brush with no intentions of using it for foundation. I'm more of a hands for foundation person (I know, bold statement) because even though I wash my brushes quite thoroughly, I always worry about germs and spreading unnecessary bacteria across my face because acneee. I saw this brush and thought it would be perfect for setting up my contour, I have a small enough face and sometimes contour brushes can take over the side of my face and the bronzer just looks ridic but this is nice for creating a small line and then blending it out with my regular contouring brush.
The Collection concealer is loved by everyone, it's perfect. This is my 6th or 7th tube of the stuff and other than my Benefit 'Erase Paste', I would consider it my 'holy grail' concealer. I've reviewed it before here. If you were wondering how I keep this fairly 'hygienic', I plop a bit onto the back of my hand and dab it onto my spots or redness. I remember reading it as a tip under a youtube video before and thought it was pretty clever.
Last but not least, I bought the Max Factor Creme Puff blush because MakeUpMonster raved about them so much I needed to try one. I picked up the shade 'Seductive Pink' and OMG I am obsessed, I've never tried the MAC mineralize skin finishes but doesn't it look so much like them? I imagine they're pretty similiar? I have a whole post coming on this soon and if I wasn't on a spending ban, I'd be picking up a few more.
To think, my next haul will be an NYC haul!! How exciting!! If you guys have some recommendations of things for me to buy/see over there, comment below!!


Barneys Restaurant Longford

barneys restaurant longford
In my little old town of Longford in the heart of the midlands, a new restaurant (Barneys) has opened above one of my favorite places, Cara Pharmacy. Fellow Longfordians can find Barneys where Kellehers bar and restaurant used to be.
My friend and I have been dying to try it out since we heard pancakes were on the menu. We're suckers for pancakes and went along Friday morning before we did our usual shop circuit to see what it was all about. Can't hit the shops on an empty stomach after all!
Be warned, it was pretty delicious and you may drool at the below photos of our breakfasts and find yourself wanting to hit Barneys restaurant as soon as you can.
bareneys restaurant longford review
places to eat longford waffles
restaurants longford ireland
main street longford restaurant
good food restaurant longford
good places to eat midlands
As you might have been able to tell from the pictures, I opted out of the pancakes in favor of some waffles. My friend Trina went for the pancakes. We figured, we both wanted to try the two and if we got each and shared, we'd know for future reference which was our fave. I dunno about you guys, but I really think I got the better deal. The waffles and the pancakes were as far as I can remember the same price (7.95) and I definitely got value for money. The waffles were a little on the crunchy side for my liking but I really enjoyed them, and they're going to be my go to in Barneys.
The pancakes fell a little flat (oh ho ho I'm so funny), in comparison.  Bad choice Trina ;) They do come with bacon on the side which obviously bumps them up a bit, but Trina asked for no bacon and the waitress said she could get another pancake if she liked but I dunno I just thought it was a little empty looking compared to my mountain of waffles and the extra pancake could have been put on top anyway like. I'm vegetarian so if I was going for the pancakes myself I would opt for no bacon too. Trina said they were delicious and although I only had a tiny bit of her pancake I thought they were nice too. They were no waffles, I'm all about the waffles. The waitress even commented on how 'Instagram worthy' they were. Damn right. I couldn't find Barneys on Instagram (so much potential for an Insta competition going to waste, online promo yo) but they are on Twitter if you want to take a snoop @BarneysLongford.
We also got some coffee, americano for moi, cappuccino for Trina and a birdseye view of the main street for creeping purposes.
We loved Barneys so much that we're actually heading back in for some (you guessed it) waffles in the morning before we head off to work. My mouth is watering at the thought. Oh my.
So yeh, if you're looking for a chilled out place to eat in Longford that isn't madly priced and has nice staff and a lovely athmosphere and the best creeping spot in the whole town, then Barneys is the place for you. We'll eventually try the lunch menu and dinner menu, but for now with our busy schedules, we're all about that breakfast at Barneys.


Statement Lip Colours

jesskadenise beauty blog
If you remember my 'Everyday Make Up' post (here) from way back at the start of January, I mentioned how I like to keep my overall makeup simple, but let the lipstick do the talking. It's also worth mentioning that I absolutely suck when it comes to applying eyeshadow and blending colors and applying liquid liner so lipstick is all I have really, it's pretty hard to screw up lipstick.....right?
Potential makeup mishaps aside, here are my favourite statement lip colours.
kate moss 107 review, wet n wild sugar plum fairy
If I had to choose two lipsticks I couldn't live without, they would be these two, Kate Moss for Rimmel in the shade '107' and Wet 'n' Wild's 'Sugar Plum Fairy'. My absolute favorite shades. Truth be told, neither are easy to apply. Especially the Kate Moss one.
107 is a deep berry shade with red undertones and despite it's matte finish, it doesn't last very long throughout the day. It transfers quite easily and out of all my statement lipsticks, it is an absolute pain for getting glued to the front of my teeth. I also find, the more you apply throughout the day (which you need to cause it wears off so easily) the grosser it looks. It builds up on your lips and makes them look quite cakey and certain patches look darker than others. That being said, I'm a sucker for the color of this lippie and that outweighs all the bads for me. I'm pretty obsessed with Kate Moss 107, and it is VERY pigmented. It's cheap as chips so I'm not expecting MAC quality here.
Sugar Plum Fairy was my first purchase from Wet 'n' Wild when it launched in Ireland last year and I adored this shade so much that I bought two. Yeh two, which I've actually made my way through so yanoo, good stuff there. 'Sugar Plum Fairy' stays true to it's name, it's a deep plum shade with blue undertones which looks really flattering against pale skin. I love the finish of this, it's like a matte but it's more creamy and just looks really nice on your lips. It's also pretty long lasting in comparison to the Kate Moss one but still a little awkward to apply.
I think that's kind of a given with these daring lipsticks isn't it? I just want an easy lip linerless life though.
berry red lipsticks comparison post
For those days when I want to make a statement but I want to play it a little safer, I reach for these four lip products,
  • Seventeen Lip Lustre in the shade 'Wild One'.
  • Wet 'n' Wild Megaslick in the shade 'Lady and The Vamp'.
  • Revlon lip butter in the shade 'Lollipop' - full review here.
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade 'Olé Flamingo' - full review here.
I like these for a more subtle look and because they're more like lip glosses and tints than they are an actual lipstick, they're a lot less maintenance for those busy days.
seventeen wild one review lustre, revlon lollipop
The Seventeen lip lustre in the shade 'Wild One' is a new fave for me. I picked it up on a whim when Boots had a 3 for 2 offer and I've been majorly impressed. I usually shy away from typical lip glosses as I find them to be quite sticky and just awkward but I really like this and I especially like applying it over MACs 'Ruby Woo' for that extra bit of oomph on a night out. For a lip gloss, its staying power is quite impressive, I get a good two to three hours from it before I have to reapply. It's also really pigmented too, which is nice because I thought it would be a little more sheer on application.
I'm not going to rebore you with the ins and outs of 'Lollipop' because I've done a review on it before but I really like this because it's easy to apply, it's heavily pigmented, it doesn't dry out my lips and it's just a great all rounder. Definitely recommend if you're looking for something to wear to college or out to lunch with the girls.
irish beauty blog
Confession - I took a picture of all these lip shades swatched ever so nicely on my wrist and forgot to write down which was which. Fail? It's also only now that I'm looking at all these swatches lined up ever so nicely that I realise, I am a sucker for a berry pink. Branch it out a little Jess. Am I right?
From L-R (I think these are right)
  1. Seventeen Lustre in 'Wild One'.
  2. Bourjois Rouge Edition in 'Olé Flamingo'.
  3. Wet 'n' Wild Megaslick in 'Lady and the vamp'. 
  4. Revlon lip butter in 'Lollipop'. 
  5. Maybelline Babylips in 'Cherry Me'.
  6. Kate Moss for Rimmel in '107'.
  7. Seventeen Stay Pout in 'Its Complicated'. 
  8. Wet 'n' Wild in 'Sugar Plum Fairy'.
So there you have it, these are my go to lip products when I'm looking to create a statement lip. All pretty much within the same family of berries aren't they?
Do you have a favourite lip product? Comment below with your fave and I'll probably buy it because I have a lipstick problem.


The Best Lush Face Masks

the best lush face masks
I'm pretty new into the world of 'Lush' face masks, and by pretty new, I mean that I've previously tried and loved their 'Cupcake' face mask and loved it so much that it's the only one I ever tried and yeh. Stuck in my ways one might say. But before Christmas I said to myself 'Jess you gots to try some of the other masks, stop being so boring!' and here I am, knee deep in Lush face masks. 5 clean pots and you get a free one!! It's such an incentive to buy more of them, damn you Lush.
good lush face masks
I've recently been using three different Lush face masks,
  1. BB Seaweed
  2. Ayesha
  3. Catastrophe Cosmetic
all completely different, yet all fantastic for use on sensitive acne prone skin - my kinda masks.
My skin is prone to acne, but I would consider it combination. Oily forehead, dry cheeks and dry chin. It's a bit of a mess really so finding products that don't upset the balance can be quite tricky, I'm weary about products that are heavily scented but oddly enough I'm okay with heavy scents when it comes to Lush face masks. I suppose it's because I know its a natural scent and not artificial/chemical. the Lush face masks also have quite a short shelf life because of the fresh ingredients so I'd advise you to use them before the best before, they also have to be kept in the fridge (if you didn't know but I bet you did already).
lush bbseaweed face mask review
bbseaweed face mask
'BBSeaweed' is a face mask my brother brought me back from Dublin a few weeks ago. I meant to text him to say pick up 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' but I forgot and after some guidance from the Lush gods, he arrived home with this one. I was instantly intrigued, I'd never heard anything about 'BBSeaweed' and because I never had any intentions of purchasing it, I hadn't done any research. Thankfully, I've been really enjoying using it. My favourite thing is the texture, it reminds me of a mousse and glides onto my face effortlessly, some face masks take that extra bit of work but this just goes straight on. I've also noticed since I started using this mask, that certain areas of redness on my skin have reduced. I wasn't expecting this at all. Apparently seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory and works wonders on acne prone skin and resulting redness. Who knew!? I highly recommend this mask if, like me, you have blotchy skin that needs some TLC.
lush ayesha face mask
ayesha face mask review
I have a love/hate relationship with Lush 'Ayesha'. It smells awful. I mean absolutely awful, but it feels incredible on my skin. I don't know how to describe the smell but it's unlike any Lush smell I've come across. If you hate the cutesy Lush scent you may love this, it smells like eh death.
I love love love how tight this makes my skin feel! I may only be 22 but it's important to me to stay on top of wrinkles and things like that now, rather than worry about reversing any damage years down the line. I'm also quite expressive with my eyebrows (Cadbury advert) and my forehead needs all the care it can get but yeh, I imagine botox to feel like an extreme version of 'Ayesha'. Shocking comparison, I know but that's just how great it feels. It soaks up all the oils on my forehead too so I've started to focus this more to my oily areas rather than the dry. It feels quite tough when you apply it to your skin and it can be a little awkward to move about but once you get it on it feels great. If you're quite young with dry skin, this isn't for you but if you're a little bit older and looking to inject some life back into your face without anything extreme, 'Ayesha' is for you.
lush catastrophe cosmetic face mask
catastrophe cosmetic face mask review
Do not be fooled by these pictures!! The Lush 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' mask is in fact a delicious blueberry blue and not this washed out brownish color, editing problems. But yuss 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' is my favourite out of the three, it smells amazing, it looks good enough to eat, and after snapchatting it on my face, a number of friends commented that it looked like mint ice cream was pasted all over my face. A good compliment in my books. I know many bloggers have said 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' helped rid them of their acne, but for me I found that not to be true, however it did help soothe my troublesome areas and left my skin feeling soft afterwards. Ridiculously soft. When I applied it to my face, my skin felt instantly refreshed. For some reason I found this mask was a lot cooler on application than the other two and I really liked that. It was definitely the best smelling of the three, and one I will repurchase again and again.
Do you have a favorite Lush face mask? or any mask? Comment below and let me know.


Snow Day Perfection

fage greek yoghurt and strawberries
It's March second and it's snowing like it's December 2011. Did anyone let the snow know it's about three months late for Christmas? I'm not complaining, I love snow. Snow means snow days, and snow day equals Netflix binge. I've been plowing my way through 'House of Cards' Season 3, (don't worry, no spoilers here, I haven't even touched episode three yet) which arrived just in time for this delightful weekend of unexpected snow. Snow or no snow 'House of Cards' was scheduled to be my source of procrastination this weekend anyway, but now the scene is set, onesie, open fire and strawberries topped off with some Fage greek yoghurt - perfection.
heartbowl and fruit, strawberries
I'm new to the world of 'Fage' greek yoghurt, I usually shy away from anything with dairy in it because it triggers my acne breakouts, but it's actually quite good. It's so rich in comparison to other yoghurts and very thick which I didn't expect at all. I've enjoyed plopping it on top of some strawberries and blueberries for that extra bit of sweetness. I blame Instagram and all the delicious food accounts I follow for my new obsession. It's probably going to speed pass my recent porridge obsession, which can also be blamed by Instagram and all the delicious health food accounts. Those people are freaking insane with the things they can whip up from like three ingredients, there's a lot of nutella though and nutella is like my source of existence, so good. Melted nutella is like heaven.
jesskadenise blog
 Isn't snow just so peaceful looking? I love it. I feel like it's been snowing non stop on and off since January. I really do wish we could have one big snowfall and be done with it, the small flutters of snow mean nothing if you can't get out there and build a snowman ('Frozen' feels right here) or have a snowball fight. Hot chocolate is definitely a must, it feels more like Christmas now than it did at Christmas. I'm going to snuggle up with 'House of Cards' and figure out if I can actually make it to college tomorrow, commuting is hard when it's an ice rink outside your front door.
How are you guys spending your snow day? It's with Netflix right? Tell me what you're watching in the comments, I'm switching back and forth between 'House' S6 and 'House of Cards' S3, the best of both houses.