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The Haul

fashion haul
January is over, but the sales are still on and oh boy have I had to restrain myself. The girls and I, have been raiding Athlone town centre on a weekly basis since coming back from Christmas. There's so many great bargains! I'm saving for my trip to NYC in June so I've only nabbed a few things over the last couple of weeks but I thought I would share my small purchases with you guys because who doesn't love a good haul?
aussie dry shampoo blog
I'm obsessed with the Aussie miracle dry shampoo, so much so that this is my third can of the stuff. Who'd have thought that I, JesskaDenise, would become a dry shampoo fanatic? Now, now, lets not get ahead of ourselves, it iss just the Aussie dry shampoo I love afterall, but it's a crazy step for someone who used to be so anti-dry shampoo. I have a whole post on this bad boy coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. I picked this up in Boots for 6.49€.
topshop blog haul
 Topshop's sale was a little disappointing. Anything in my size that I fancied was gone. I made up for this disappointment by buying another crop top, I've worn my other one to death and I need to have one to fall back on when the other is in the wash. Pathetic? Probs. I also picked up a pair of funky high waisted trousers for 23€ down from 40 something before Christmas. I haven't gotten around to wearing them yet, the material scares me a little, it's like some weird stretchy material. I love the design on them though, so cute. I used my student card and managed to get an extra few €€ off them too. Bargaaaainnnn!
zara sale buys blog
Zara is where it's at right now. The S/S15 collection is incredible, so many bright yellows and navy stripes. It's like the Hampton's tied up into one little neat pile and I require all of it. I have my eye on this dress with a V neck drop on the back, it's so pretty! I picked up a couple of basic tees in the sale during the week, all 2.99€ each down from 12-16€. The one in the pics is pretty hilarious, it made me chuckle so I had to buy it. Perfect for Summer. Yes I just mentioned Summer, oh god, lets just leave it there shall we?
Have you guys managed to nab a few bargains in the sales? I'm trying to stay away from the online stores cause I know I'll be broke by the time I log off them, confessions of a shopaholic or what?


Ashley said...

Great haul! The Zara t-shirt is really cute. You have a lovely blog!

Ashley| Ashley Olivia

Makeup Monster said...

Great haul, I'm also very obsessed with that dry shampoo!

Unknown said...

Need to pick up that Aussie dry shampoo.
Love the Zara shirt. so cute!
hareem x