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The Lush Haul

lush haul irish
Over Christmas I went a little loony for Lush. I don't think I've ever purchased this much Lush, well ever. But I mean, gurl deserves to smell like rainbows and cinnamon right? Some of this was bought online, some was bought in the post Christmas Lush sale. I actually bought a bunch in the sale in Lush Dublin and arrived home to find my online order had arrived that day too. I've been drowning in a bubble bath of Lush and I've never been happier.
lush grafton street
snow fairy giftset christmas review
I picked up a few products I've never tried before like 'Hot Toddy', the 'Ayesha' face mask, etc etc. Everything smells so good, I'm torn between what to use first. I'm thinking the xx, he's such a cute little snowman, I'm curious to see how the blue comes out in the water. It's also the only non pinkish product I bought. I'm a sucker for pink and clever marketing.
The one thing I wanted to stock up on, like the whole Lush fangroup, was 'Snow Fairy'. I think I have enough to tide me over until at LEAST July. After that, I'll just cry and try to get on with my life for the short time it's no longer available to me. Pathetic, yes.
One of the items I picked up in store was the 'Little Snow Fairy' gift set. It was 50% off and I was pulled in by the cute, pink packaging. I've never picked up one of the giftsets before and they're actually fantastic value, you're saving quite a few euro in comparison to buying the products seperately. If you have younger siblings who enjoy bubble baths, any of the gift sets would be fantastic as future Christmas or birthday presents.
I threw this into my basket because I wanted the mini 'Snow Fairy' and I had no clue what 'Pink Fun' was and still kind of don't.
lush fun pink irish beauty blog
'Pink Fun' reminds me a bit of playdoh, only it smells a whole lot better. Like, a lot. It's sickeningly sweet, even more so than 'Snow Fairy' but I can deal with that. There's four uses for this handful of doh and I figure I may try all of them. One is a shower wash, two is shampoo (??), three is for laundry and the last is just throw it in the bath and wait for it to go. Apparently it doesn't work well as a solo bath product but i'll soon find out.
jesskadenise lush
.Finally, the funnest product from Lush that I just had to get again, the 'Magic Wand'. It's so neat. I love swirling it around in the bath and watching as it leaves behind it's dust like magic star dust. It smells like 'Snow Fairy' which is an obvious selling point for me. I know, I know 'give it up Jess'. But I don't think I can, it's an oddly addictive scent, and you're only saying that because you have yet to smell it's brilliance. At least the Valentines day stock is released soon, something new to keep the mind occupied.


Danielle said...

I love seeing what people bought at lush

Emily said...

Ooh you got so many lovely things! I love Cinders bath bomb, it's my favourite Lush product.

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Lush is the best! The smell of snow fairy is amazing amazing!

Unknown said...

I love Lush! I stocked up on Snow Fairy too, it just had to be done.

Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

Unknown said...

Loving what you bought. I love going lush. It smells amazing in there. I using some of their skincare products at the moment which are actually really lovely!
Hareem x

Fatima said...

Great haul ! U gave me some great ideas of products to pick up the next time I am at lush......