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Fleur de Force for Eylure and #OOTN

fleur de force for eylure review
Ever since my first foray into false eyelashes รก la 'Eye Candy' (review here btw), I've been completely converted to falsies for nights out. I have however, yet to risk a more natural falsie for a day look, if I find a suitable enough lash and I get a little braver with my day time make up then maybe.
Back in September my friends and I decided we were all going to go to Athlone for a good aul night on the town. We decided to go all out, threw on some Cocoa Brown and false nails, got the hair done in Peter Mark, and we were going to top it all off with some falsies. A last minute decision, which lead to a quick dash to Boots. I had my eye on these 'Fleur De Force' by Eylure lashes from the moment I saw them on Instagram. The packaging just screamed out to me, and the 3/4 length sounded ideal, especially since I'm still an eyelash newbie. 3 for 2 was on in Boots at the time so I picked up a few packs of the lashes, as did my friends.
fleur eyelashes
The lashes themselves are so pretty. I think they're just the perfect size and add a lovely bit of flare to your own lashes without being too overwhelming. Especially if like me, you're still pretty new to the whole lash thing. The 3/4 length was perfection because it meant I could apply them straight away without worrying if they would be too long and because this was a last minute decision, we didn't have a scissors handy for any potential trimming. The lash is shorter on the inside and longer on the outside, which adds just the right amount of drama to your look. I found them easy to apply and they stayed put the whole night. They complimented my overall look for the night quite well and when it came to taking them off at the end of the night it was a bittersweet moment, I was loving how bouncy and long my lashes looked but sleeping was high on the agenda so off they went.
My friends all bought the 3/4 lashes too and were equally as impressed. The short length was the real winner because, like me, they suck at applying lashes too. Their words, not mine.
topshop ootn
before and after fleur eyelashes
Kay so these aren't exactly the best before and after pictures, but I knew I wanted to blog about these lashes the morning after our night out. I didn't have my blog camera and I didn't really think about it at the time, but yano, Snapchat to the rescue. As you can see, they really added a lot of definition to my natural lash, the main focus being on the end of the eyelid. They're cute and flirty and I think they're the ultimate ~girly girl lash. I also thought I'd throw in a little #OOTN, we decided to wear cat ears out and it was honestly the best thing we ever decided to do. It was really funny and so many people came up to us to tell us how much they loved them. My dress is an old one from Topshop.
Have any of you used the Fleur de Force by Eylure lashes? What did you think?


Jord Wood Watch

Wood Watch Review
Jord Wood Watch Blog
A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely people at 'JORD' to see if I would like to try out one of their wood watches. Being completely honest, I had never heard of JORD before they contacted me, nor had I ever come across a watch that was made of wood before. I was instantly intrigued, and thought it was a really clever and unique concept. I had a browse through their website (here) and fell in love with the 'Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood watch' which they ever so kindly sent out to me.
Jord Watch box
fieldcrest dark sandalwood jord watch
The watch itself comes beautifully packaged in this sturdy wooden box with the trademark 'J' carved onto the lid. Inside, the watch is wrapped around a plush pillow, with a little card and glass cleaner located beneath. The first thing I noticed when I took the box out of it's parcel was the smell, it smelled like freshly cut wood. Yeh duh, it's a wooden box, but I wasn't expecting any sort of scent and it just kind of reminded me of dark winter nights and the wooden fire burning. Very nostalgic.
I've had the watch a while now and I find myself wearing it more than my Michael Kors (sorry Mum). I just find it's very 'me'. It's a simple, elegant design. It's light weight, so I barely notice I'm wearing it which is brilliant because I get annoyed by things that feel heavy on my wrist.
The watch is also pretty sturdy, I have yet to get any scratches on it. The glass face of the watch is scratch resistant and if you happen to dirty the watch itself, you can easily wipe it clean with some lemon oil.
I'm sure you're probably wondering about sizing, that can be the trickiest part of ordering a watch online, thankfully JORD offer two options for doing so - use your own tape measure or just download and print off the JORD wrist sizer and it will arrive perfectly sized for you. If you're like me and unable to do something as simple as measuring your own wrist, your local jeweler can easily resize it for you. 10€ later and the watch fits like a glove.
jord watch dark
jesskadenise watch review
When I'm wearing my JORD wood watch I like to keep the focus solely on the actual watch and I rarely wear other bracelets. I keep it simple with a few midi rings and let the watch do the talking.
On the day I took these pictures I was feeling pretty damn Autumnal (when am I not?) and wore my mustard jumper from Primark beneath my Topshop pinafore dress. I really think this JORD watch is the perfect accessory for winter because not only does the dark sandalwood compliment the dark berry and mustard tones we'll all be rocking over the next few months, the dark tones mean it will look fabulous with any party dresses you decide to throw on over the festive season. Perfect.
You can purchase the JORD Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood watch here.
(This watch was sent to me to consider for review. This has not impacted my opinion of the watch.)


New In // Boots Haul

boots haul 2015
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Last week I walked into Boots and somehow fell out the door with these. Do I regret my purchases? Never. Do I regret that the following day I received Boots vouchers in the post that would have been A++ at the time? Yes, yes I do. Just another excuse to hit Boots next week when I get paid. Not that I could possibly need anymore make up, buuuut anyway.
My friends and I did a girls night out last week so I picked up some eyelashes to complete my look. It was 3 for 2 on eyelashes and nails so really it was meant to be. After trying the Eye Candy ones (review here) I was confident in my ability to apply so I went for the new Fleur De Force by Eylure lashes and picked up a box of the Nadine Coyle ones just cause. The Fleur ones are so cute and I'm obsessed with the packaging, it's so pretty. I have a full review of these coming soon so I won't say much more on these.
Boots also have a deal on at the 'mo where you can get 4 Benefit minis (usually 6.50€ each) for 20€. Bargain. I went for Posie Tint, a concealer, eyecream and Bene Tint. Bene Tint has been on my wishlist for a while now but I was little scared by how ~vampy it is. Can't wait to try it out, it'll be perfect for A/W.
Not from Boots, but I finally caved and picked up one of the Zoella bath products in Penneys. I've been really into baths lately and this was cheap as chips so I impulsed buy and I really like it. It smells really nice and adds a nice bit of fizzle to your bath. I wouldn't race out and buy it again, but I ran out of Lush and it's doing the job for now. I'm also a sucker for the packaging. Damn youtubers and their aesthetically pleasing packaging. They know how to pull me in.
Have any of you guys tried these? orrrr do you have any recommendations for my next Boots trip?


Essie Chillato Review

It happened. I found an Essie nail polish which I haven't fallen ridiculously in love with.
Yes. You did read that first line correctly. This is coming from the girl who has an entire Alex drawer full of Essie nail polishes, they never let me down. Ever. I really wanted to love 'Chillato', I did. It's the most perfect pastel lime (Essie describe it as 'pistachio', I disagree) and I knew I had to have it once I saw the Summer 2015 collection but aghh it's awful. In the bottle it looks fantastic, like it'll be a gloopy opaque application along the lines of Essies ever so popular 'Mint Candy Apple', but from bottle to application it just falls short. In order to get any sort of color build up, I needed to apply four coats and even then, it still looked pretty streaky and didn't have any nice sort of gloss finish to it. It just looked pretty lifeless. Not impressed with the application, I decided to break some rules and wear it to work to see how well it would hold up during my daily cinema duties. Other nail polishes have survived quite well. Essie 'Chillato' wasn't very chill and chipped less than an hour in. I'd had enough and after little effort, pulled it all off. Not what you want when you're spending nearly 10€ on a nail polish. Maybe my expectations were too high, it does photograph well, but do not be fooled like I was.
So, as cool as the name is ('Chillato', agh it just makes me giggle) and as gorgeous as it looks in the bottle, 'Chillato' is not a winner in my book. I'm pretty loyal to Essie and I am disappointed by this one as it's such a funky, fun shade but alas, it just wasn't meant to be and will now rest at the back of my nail polish drawer.


Monochrome OOTD & Life Update

monochrome ootd
irish fashion blog
Confession - these pictures are from a few weeks ago. That's just how behind I've allowed myself to get with my blog posts. My iPhoto is full of pictures, along with my camera and iPhone. Swamped in potential blog posts, but they're all coming your way shortly. I thought I'd take this time to share what's been going on in my world lately, if you follow me on Twitter (@jesskaDenise) you'll be aware that I've just gone back to college. Not college, college, but a college closer to home to study 'Web Design and Multimedia' for the year. Over Summer the fourth year of the course I was due to study fell through and I was left with the option of going on to study Business or, well Business. After not being too happy with the idea of a ~year out, I've slowly come round to the idea and I'm excited to work on my web design and photo editing skills for the year. I'm looking forward to a semi-relaxed year before going back to study Business next year. You gotta do whatcha gotta do.
michael kors selma blog
ripped jeans ootd
Life events aside, lets talk about the outfit. The bag, my one big purchase from NYC and something that's been on my wishlist ever since I saw Selena Gomez pictured out and about with a full sized version. The studded 'Selma' mini. My baby. How outrageous is the color? I just love that pop of orange, it really adds that something extra to an outfit and lately I've been loving a more 'laid back' look. Having spent most of the Summer in my work uniform which isn't the most comfy or fashionable thing ever, I've been all about keeping it simple on my days off. Now that I'm back at college I'll probably make more of an effort, especially since I find A/W fashion more inspiring than S/S. I'm sure I'm not the only one right? I also can't decide, dungarees - yay or nay?
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - H&M (DIY)
Runners - New Balance @ JD Sport
Nails - Essie 'Romper Room'


NYC Photo Diary // Part Three

empire state building night view
Ah the last of my NYC photo diaries. Can you believe it was over two months ago now? Just take me back. I miss the sounds of the city and the shopping bargains, Sephora and pancakes (I lived on pancakes), even the subway. Yes the subway, in a weird twisted kind of way. The subway kind of scared me at the time, but looking back, it just added to the adventure. My time in New York was bittersweet to be honest. I have a tendency to get homesick quite easily and I think at the time I let that creep in and put a small dampener on my trip, and I regret that quite a bit but at least I know for next time. The more I think about the two weeks we spent in NY, the more I realise how lucky I was to experience the trip I did. I had dinner on a rooftop bar at sunset and saw Jason Derulo perform in Central Park. I got to experience a typical American Italian restaurant and shop in the biggest shopping centre I've ever seen (Palisades). Not only did I experience the typical touristy, run of the mill type things, but going to NY with one of my best friends meant I got to meet her family, see where she grew up and went to school and where her childhood rabbit was sent for retirement. Those things alone were pretty cool. But for now, pictures.
irish beauty blog
nyc photo diary blog
brooklyn bridge
love locks brooklyn bridge
brooklyn skyline view
two hands nyc ceiling
nyc two hands acai bowl
No NYC photo series would be complete without a nod to the food, and trust me, there was food. I had two things on my mind when it came to going to America. They were pancakes, and Two Hands cafe. After that, nothing else mattered. I came across Two Hands on Instagram a few months before we were due to go on our trip and it was everything I hoped for and more. I ordered an 'Acai bowl' and some banana bread and I haven't been able to stop thinking about the banana bread since. It was everything. Along with the cookies. My favourite thing (other than the ceiling and the vibe?) was how it was all good ingredients. My one love in life, is good, healthy food and Two Hands was just that. Did I mention they were Australian? or that Chiara from 'The Blonde Salad' and other equally cool people have eaten there? It was so so healthy and ugh I just want to go back, like yesterday. My friend was uber keen to go to 'Carlos' bakery, which I was a little 'meh' about until I saw it was 'Carlos', as in 'Cake Boss'. The queue in there was outrageous, but well worth the wait. It wasn't crazily priced either. I'm so glad she had that on her list of places.
During our time in NY we met up with Rich Tong, one of the brains behind 'Fohr Card', who ever so kindly (or evily since it's all we've been craving since) opened our eyes to the world of 'ramen' at Ippudo. Typically I didn't get a picture, but arghhh, if anyone knows where we can get some good ramen in Ireland - comment below, we will love you forever.
carlos bakery times square
burger heaven new york
places to eat nyc
burger heaven waffles nyc
Obviously it goes without saying that I've left part of my heart in New York and I can't wait to go back. Sooner rather than later.
Mind on my next trip however - I am going to Malta in like 6 weeks for my birthday to reunite with ma boi, so if any of you know of anything I need to do/try over there. Comment below with your suggestions.
(ps. I've been shortlisted for a Blog Award Ireland and would love if you guys took a second to vote 'JesskaDenise' here.)