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Cocoa Brown - Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan

cocoa brown gradual tan
Ohhhh Cocoa Brown and their never ending list of incredible products. I love gradual tan and as if by faith, a gradual tan 'Gentle Bronze' was added to their range of products and i've been a happy camper ever since. I think we're all aware at this point, that I am not good with regular tan. Which is funny because you think it would be the opposite way round considering 'tan tan' has a tint to it to help you apply and with gradual tan you're applying blind. I'm onto my third tube of the stuff because I'm so obsessed with it.
gentle bronze before
Gentle bronze is great because unlike the actual Cocoa Brown tan that I SUCK at applying, I can apply this tan simply, without missing any of my body. It's stupid proof. No odd patches. It doesn't leave any streaks, which blows my mind because really, how is that possible when I don't even know where I'm applying it, I'm just sort of 'going for it' each time and hoping for the best.
It also smells amazing, Cocoa Brown are known for their signature floral gardenia scent and Gentle Bronze doesn't fail to deliver this.
cocoa brown gentle bronze after
 I apply Cocoa Brown Gradual Bronze when I've gotten out of the shower. I like doing it this way because not only is it moisturizing my skin when I get out of the shower buuut the tan builds up perfectly whilst I'm in bed, asleep. When I wake up I'm met with a lovely subtle glow which looks nothing but natural. When I use gentle bronze I like to keep it hydrated and looking it's best by applying another Cocoa Brown favourite of mine, Chocolate Whip. It keeps it looking good for as long as possible and then I take out tough Stuff to get rid of it. The best thing about it being a gradual tan is, you can build it up to look as dark as you want it. How tan you go is totally up to you which is pretty neat because I like to go tan but not so tan that it's obvious it's fake, making it perfect for the Irish winter because guurl where you getting a Mediterranean tan when it's minus 2 out there? As far as anyone knows, it's just your summer tan that's faded a bit.
Gentle Bronze is definitely my favourite product from Cocoa Brown and if you're a tanning fail like I am, then I definitely recommend you buy this and fall in love.

(This product was originally sent to me by Cocoa Brown to consider for review. This has not impacted my thoughts on this product and I have since repurchased it myself.
For my full disclaimer, click here.)

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Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

i have been obsessed with gentle bronze especially over the winter when i just want a subtle hint of colour! but i think it has replaced 1 hour tan as my new favourite tan!