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costa gingerbread latte
I love Costa all year round. But my favourite time at Costa is Christmas. Seasonal drinks!! Hot chocolates, gingerbread lattes, seasonal treats. Nom nom. I'm a sucker for the gingerbread latte. The little gingerbread man wins me over every year. I'm also very fond of the hot chocolates, but have yet to try one due to a bet between me and my friend. Whoever goes the longest without coke (bekah) or chocolate (me) wins, and the loser has to buy the other something nice. Our cut off is 21 days and if we both reach that, then we're going for a celebratory Costa. We spend too much time in Costa, it's a running joke between us at this point. The staff are probably laughing at us but at least we get points!
costa athlone
Not only has Costa a number of Christmas inspired drinks, they have a number of seasonal treats too. Everything from mince pies to gingerbread muffins. There's not enough time to try all of them. I tried the almond and cherry muffin at the weekend and ohmygod, it was heavenly. I love almonds anyway but guys, this muffin was out of this world good. Thinking about it is having me crave another.
costa christmas cups 2014
The take out cups are the cutest things ever. Beats Starbucks hands down. We actually ordered ours to go just so we could get one. Pathetic, I know. Depending on what size you get, they all seem to be different. The one above is a medium (gingerbread latte).
Behind the 'Black Forest' hot chocolate, the gingerbread latte is my favourite seasonal drink. If you're dairy free, they even make it with soy milk. Gotta skip out on the cream tho cause I don't think they do a dairy free cream. With only a few weeks left until Christmas, I'm going to have to speed through the Christmas menu. Not like it's going to be hard right?
Whats your favourite Costa Christmas drink?


I Graduated

college graduation ootd
So a funny thing happened yesterday - I graduated!!!!! Granted I'm still in college and doing an add on, but yay, officially graduated. I'm actually qualified to do something.
Flashing back to three years ago it all seemed a little out of reach. If you're a long time blog reader you'll know that i dropped out of IT Sligo as it wasn't for me. People were very quick to judge. Dropping out is considered such a bad thing in Ireland but I'm so so happy that I dropped out of something I hated and found something I love instead.
I know many people who've stuck with courses they absolutely hated just because they didn't want to be seen as a 'drop out' and now they're stuck with a degree in a field that they have no interest being in.
I believe everything happens for a reason and if I hadn't gone to Sligo and dropped out I wouldn't be doing something I love.
Especially because my course 'Social Media Marketing' was a new course and didn't even exist the first year I applied to CAO. Crazy times. It's kind of cool being able to say you were the first to graduate from that course.
athlone it social media marketing
There were a few obstacles in my way - maths, economics but I got there in the end. If anyone is curious - my dress is Penneys three years ago and the shoes are Penneys too.
I'm very proud of everyone on my course and here's to graduating again next year.