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Jess Watches : Fall Premieres

shonda rhimes abc review
I have learned a lot of things from writing this post. One of them being - I watch a lotta tv shows. I don't even know how I would begin to keep track of any of them if it wasn't for 'Episode Calendar'. Possibly the best site that's ever been recommended to me. As i follow the American premiere dates this post may or may not contain spoilers but I mean who can even sit around waiting for the UK/Ireland premieres. Not me anyway.
Lets begin with the best thing ABC has done in recent times #TGIT (thank god its thursday) ie. Shonda night. I feel like all we're missing is 'Private Practice'. At least Amelia moved over to Greys, I live for those Derek & Amelia moments.
Greys Anatomy (S11) - Oh Greys, I fear you may be nearing your end. As much as it's Merediths show, I really don't see it hanging in there without Sandra Oh. We need our twisted sisters. We need our Yang and Hunt 'will they wont they?' weekly drama. Alex can try and replace Yang all he wants but I don't see it working. It was a slow premiere and even though they barely set up any of the season storylines in the premiere I've already sniffed out where this season is going.
I love that they've given Richard a daughter. I find myself thinking what would 'Adele think'? I'm sure she'd be pretty pissed on some level. It'll all work out in the end, sure Meredith hated Lexie for the longest time and by the time Shonda decided it was 'bye bye lexie' they were pretty close. Lets just hope things pick up. Greys is my baby and I want it to keep going but they need to switch things up a bit and maybe look back to the earlier seasons cause they've kind of lost what the show was about.
Scandal (S4) - I recently just got into 'Scandal' over the Summer. Thank the lord for Netflix right? I'm glad I caught up in time for the season 4 premiere because Sky just started season 3 and I would have been so bummed out with season 4 spoilers. Olivia is back better than ever but I am loving Mellie right now. She literally could not care less this season. The uggs, the sass, perfection. I'm still not over Jerry's death or Harrisons for that matter. It was just one major shock after another. The premiere was everything Greys wasn't. I sense a lot of drama coming our way and the addition of Portia de Rossi to the cast is fantastic.
How To Get Away With Murder (S1) - Shonda's new show this season. I had high expectations. Both Greys and Scandal had such brilliant pilots. It was good but it wasn't great. I'm going to watch the second episode because maybe it was just a weak pilot but I'm not too sure on this one just yet.
gotham premiere ireland review
New Girl (S4) - I may have to give up on 'New Girl' soon. Sadly it's no longer interesting to me and I think they need to call it quits or change it up a bit. I watched the premiere and the second episode and I don't even remember what happened in either episode. I think Jess has become a little irritating. She's become overly kooky and maybe the writers think it's cute but for me it's just bordering on annoying. Cece and Schmidt just need to get married already. Been rooting for them since S1. I'm glad the writers made us hate Jess and Nick being together cause now I don't have to waste my time with the show because that was my only pull. I'm now just watching for Cece and Schmidt. And I don't know if it's because I totally spaced on S3 but when did Coach come back? So lost.
Gotham (S1) - Just to get it out of the way - how great is it having Ben back on our screens? My inner OC fangirl is delighted and Ben didn't disappoint. Within the first 10 seconds 'Gotham' had me hooked. How to tell for sure? I didn't look at my phone once as I was watching. Very rare. 'Gotham' is the prequel to 'Batman' and focuses very little on Batman himself. Sure there's a nod to Bruce's troubled upbringing and the events that lead to him forging a relationship with James Gordon but this seems to really be Gothams show.
I think the pilot was everything a pilot should be and considering Gotham is already established in the mind of the viewer they didn't bore you with the nitty gritty stuff you probably should already know. But incase you're new here and actually know nothing from the Batman series you do get your mini introduction to main characters with a hint of back story and it's obvious which character is going to be which villain. It's interesting to see Foxs interpretation of such a popular story and in the day of the tv superhero, i can see this lasting at least three seasons. There's so much potential and with tv you have so much freedom that you don't have with movies. I'm a little too excited.
Red Band Society (S1) - If it hadn't been for a reblog on Tumblr I would never have heard about this show. Where is your promo Fox? Is it any wonder the number of viewers has dropped ridiculously low in the week since it premiered? I fear this show may not last which is disappointing because it has all the ingredients to make a good show I just don't think Fox are going about the promo the right way. Hello Dave Annabel is in it? Anyway, if you didn't know cause lets face it you probably don't - 'Red Band Society' is set in a hospital on the pediatric ward and focuses on a number of patients and their different ailments. All the characters are your standard Hollywood stereotype, the nerd, the cool girl, the hot guy etc etc but I find myself a little attached to the show and the Glee like humor it brings to an otherwise mundane setting. It's very current and has potential to go far if Fox could just get it a bit more out there.
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Nashville (S3) - I'm so happy 'Nashville' is back. It was looking a little iffy there during the Summer but I'm delighted ABC decided to renew it. I have a soft spot for Deacon and Gunnar okay! It was a good opening. I like where things are going. Juliette's pregnancy was so obvious considering Hayden but I'm eager to see where they go with this one. I'm so over Maddy and all her teen drama. Get over it like. Deacon and Rayna need to get back together already. They belong together okay? I'm hoping Gunnar and Scar get back together too. It's looking hopeful. Is it sad that I'm already counting down till this seasons soundtrack gets released?
Modern Family (S6) - Can we permanently get rid of Alex? The whole 15mins she was absent was the best ever. The whole episode was really good. Cam and Mitchell being married is the cutest thing ever and Lily's one liners in the first ep alone had me on the floor.
The Big Bang Theory (S8) - needs to die already. It's not funny anymore. The show has kind of dumbed itself down a bit to appeal to a wider audience so anything that made it fresh in the first few seasons is gone. I hate to comment on another women's appearance but Kay, gurl what happened? Penny used to be such a good character. I'm hoping they turn it around this season now she has a new job. I have no idea what happened anyone else in the first two episodes because I got distracted and scrolled through Tumblr.

So there we have it - you should be watching everything excpet 'New Girl' and 'The Big Bang Theory'. Both comedies. The humor just ran out I guess.

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